Does Cherry wood smoke at a higher them than Hickory?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by swampyankee434, May 31, 2016.

  1. I have an MES 30 and cooked Ribs at 200 degrees. There was a load of unsmoked wood in the holder at the end. It had been in there for an hour??????
  2. smokinal

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    Actually I think cherry or any fruit wood is softer than hickory & would burn much faster and at a lower temp.

  3. krex1010

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    Cherry is a middle of the road btu wood, not in the same league btu wise as oak, hickory, hard maple etc...Apple is actually very high in btu's higher than most oaks and is up there with hickory and mulberry. My guess is your cherry wood wasn't as dry as the other woods you've been using
  4. I got a suggestion to mix Hickory and Cherry as the Hickory should ignite first and it will help to get the cherry wood going.
  5. I'm with krex, I use whatever local wood my butcher shop has in stock, last years cherry wood must have been more dry because all I had to do was put it near the coals and it'd smoke, this year I have to put it directly on the hot coals to get it to smoke. Love me some flavor that northern GA cherry wood puts off though!

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