Does anyone know if the Masterbuilt Propane 40in is the same as the Masterbuilt XL Propane

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by hibobm, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. hibobm

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    I am hoping to get a smoker soon and I am looking at the Masterbuilt Propane.  On Amazon they have the 40in and at they have the XL.  Between shipping and tax they would cost the same but I could get the one from Amazon much faster.  Does anyone know if these two are the same or if they are different, what those differences might be?  

  2. hmcm

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    I have the Masterbuilt XL it sure looks EXACTLY like the 40in they show on the Amazon website.  Without seeing the inside, I can't say for sure but the product description is very similar.  You will need to do some modifications once you get it (on the chip pan).  There are a couple of threads here in SMF to help with it.  Once the mods are done, you will be happy with this smoker!  It can hold a ton of meat!

    Good luck!

  3. hibobm

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    Thanks Harold

    I am already planning on an 8inch cast iron skillet for the wood and a larger water pan.  Besides adding moisture do you have any idea what the water pan does?
  4. hmcm

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    From what I have read here on SMF, the water pan actually helps to regulate the temperature within the smoker more consistently so you don't have hot or cold spots inside.  You're well on your way it sounds.  the larger water pan is also a good idea.

    I also use the 8 inch cast iron skillet on top of the chip pan but I drilled 3/8" holes in the chip pan legs and put 3/8" bolts in them so I could raise the chip pan up about an inch.  I was using wood chips but they would just burn up too quick.  I recently switched to wood chunks and they last much longer.
  5. hibobm

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    Yep, I use wood chunks as well.  Much better.
  6. hibobm

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    By the way, I love smoking my poultry at over 300 degrees.  Does your smoker get that high?  I've heard they get close to 400.
  7. hibobm

    hibobm Smoke Blower

    I emailed Masterbuilt and found out the XL is larger than the 40.  So I am going with that one.

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