Does anyone here have an opinion on the new Primo 773 All In One Ceramic Kamado? It's new style (for

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    I'm in the market for a ceramic kamado and have been doing my diligence before purchasing. I mistakenly purchased an Akorn last year thinking it was ceramic so I'm trying to dig extra deep this time around because I am incredibly unsatisfied with Akorn. No offense to any Char-Griller fans...

    From what I gather is that it comes down to Big Green Egg, Primo and Kamado Joe. I'm kind of saddling on either the new Primo All In One or the Kamado Joe Classic. It sounds like both are great companies but I can't find any information on the new Primo 773. Does anyone here have any experience with it, or at least Primo in general as to how they are as a company, quality, etc.?

    I'm also considering Vision grills that they have over at Home Depot; what makes me nervous though is that the one display was cracked inside and the ceramic appeared to have a bunch of white "filler" mixed in as well. Anybody here have any comments or thoughts on the ceramic quality of their Kamado?

    I hear nothing but rave reviews about Kamado Joe, but I want to make sure I entertain all different avenues. Any thoughts and replies are greatly appreciated.


  2. I have 2 BGE's and love them. I think the Kamado Joe and Primo are also a good choice. I have to agree with you on the Acorn.

    Happy smoken.

  3.  i have a kamado ceramic grill/smoker. i used it alot when i first got it, it does a good job. but what i do not like about it is, you have to cut your ribs in half to smoke, just not quite big enough. i purchased a large kamado, thanking it was big enough to smoke briskets, butts and ribs, to find out i had to trim to the size of the platesetter. if you buy one please buy it bigger than you need. it does a wonderful job on smaller cuts of meat, and is easy to control temps, very good choice, if you can afford one extra large egg or kamado. thats just my 2 cent worth.

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