Does anyone have the Char Griller 3001?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by psychobrew, May 8, 2011.

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    I'm thinking about getting this grill with the side fire box.  I'm thinking about using the side fire box for smoke flavor only, relying on gas to control temps (cooking offset).  My other option would be to get the four burner gas grill (4001, I think), but would not have the space for a side fire box if I did that and I definitely want some capacity for smoke flavor.

    How hot does the 3001 get when using only one burner on low?  Can I realistically use a few coals and some wood chunks in the side fire box and expect to get smoke flavor without relying on it as the main heat source?

    If I got the larger model without the side fire box, would I be able to get decent smoke flavor by using a typical smoker box over the live burner when offset cooking?

    Also, since I live in an apartment now, I would need to move the grill 5 to 10 feet every time I want to use it.  Are these grills up to the task?
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    I know this is a late answer, but having I just received a 3001 with the side fire box of these as a gift I figure it's worth sharing the info for others who may have these questions.

    Assembled, the 3001 is 50" wide (that's the grill with the two side trays). If you add the SFB, you remove one tray, and end up with about 58" width.

    With a single burner lit, on its lowest (LOW) setting, temperature was hovering at 250 degrees. It was a mildly windy day with the temp about 55 degrees outside. I could not get it lower, but did not try playing with vents, which were closed. 

    Using about 25-30 briquettes in the SFB, just as first burn cure the steel, I could control the temperature better and get lower temps more easily, but I will need to work on sealing up some holes to get better control over air flow and smoke. The 3001, being a gas grill, has the same venting issues as the other Chargriller models, with the addition of 6 larger holes in the main compartment for grease to drain off, and 2 smoke chimneys on top. So, there will be more air flow issues to deal with. 

    However, for me, a long-timer griller with a first-time interest in smoking, it's a great introduction and a chance to try something without a significant investment. I would never have gone online to look up smoking with the Chargriller if my wife had not given me the grill/sfb combo in the first place. So it's a good thing.


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