Does anybody have both a Smoke Hollow LP and a GOSM?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by psychobrew, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. psychobrew

    psychobrew Smoke Blower

    I've narrowed it down to one of these two units (Smoke Hollow 38 inch and the GOSM 43 inch) due to price and consumer happiness. I know about the heat issues with the Smoke Hollow, but a quick call to customer service seems to be all that's needed to correct the issue.

    The GOSM is bigger than the Smoke Hollow, has a stronger flame, and it's cheaper. I'm worried about the body flexing though (how sturdy is this unit?).

    The Smoke Hollow is heavier (even though it's smaller, so construction and heat retention should be better), and should be more gas efficient. The size of this unit is the bare minimum I'd want to go. I wouldn't be able to cook a large pizza in it, but it should fit a 14 pound packer.

    Does anyone have experience with both? Like I said, people seem extremely happy with either unit, but I want the unit that's right for me......
  2. For me it's a no brainer... GOSM BB

  3. hoser

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    Can't really give you a review on the smoke hollow, don't own one, but my GOSM big block have been serving me very well for 5 years now.
    I'm of the opinion that no matter what you buy, you'll probably wind up doing a few minor modifications to it before you're truly happy.

    I'm happy with my gosm, but in all honesty, I'll probably go with a cookshack electric next time.....just cause I'm lazy LOL

    Good luck and happy smoking![​IMG]
  4. psychobrew

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    It seems the biggest complaints on those GOSMs are the welds. I had a similar issue with one of the early Smoke Vaults (that, plus everything else) so I don't trust those Chineese welders with that style of tray brackets. The Smoke Hollow apears to have been designed to minimize welding, and I like that, but it doesn't come with a grease tray. I suppose I could always drill a hole and make a grease drain, but I'll call Smoke Hollow first.

    I wish I could see both units, but they don't sell them around here.
  5. forluvofsmoke

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    I'd definately go with a wide can always grow into it. I found that my small GOSM was entirely too narrow for my liking once I started putting decent amounts of meat into it. My Smoke Vault 24 is just right for 16-17lb full packers, spares and anything else I can think of.

    For a few bucks less than the Smoke Hollow, I think you'll be happy with the GOSM wide body. In any case, if you treat them with a little TLC, they'll serve you well. My small GOSM is about to enter her 6th year of service, no complaints, other than the grease seapage down the legs. I just put a saucer under each foot to catch it.

  6. psychobrew

    psychobrew Smoke Blower

    I beleive the Smoke Hollow comes with a cover. When you include a cover on the GOSM BB, the price is only $30 different if you order it from Walmart. The GOSM is more expensive if you order from Bass Pro.

    The weight of the Smoke Hollow is similar to the Smoke Vault. The Smoke Hollow has a shipping weight of 75 pounds and the Smoke Vault (24 inch wide version) is 82 pounds, but the Smoke Hollow is a few inches smaller so I think they use the same gauge steel. The GOSM BB from Walmart is roughly the same size as the Smoke Vault, but it only weighs 65 pounds (shipping weight). I don't know if the Bass Pro version of the GOSM BB is the same as the one found at Walmart.

    One thing I like about the GOSM is it has grease deflecters and a grease tray. If the Smoke Hollow had that, I'd have no question as to which one I'd get.

    Does your GOSM have the grease tray?

    EDIT: After some more research, it appears the Bass Pro version of the 24 inch wide GOSM is different than the Walmart version of the same thing. The Walmart version appears to lack the grease flaps (to guide the grease off the wall and in to the grease tray) and the grease tray. The Bass pro version also appears to be heavier. If I can get some assurance that the welds on the tray brackets are strong, then that is probably the unit I will go with (those welds seem to be a common complaint and often break when shipping through UPS).
  7. callaway

    callaway Newbie

    I have looked at both the GOSM and the Smoke Hollow but I have never found a GOSM that was 43" tall. The biggest GOSM I have found had a 36 inch cabinet and the big Smoke Hollow had a 38 inch cabinet. Did the measurement for the GOSM include the legs?
  8. mballi3011

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    To me it's a no brainer go with the smoke vault 24". If youhave the ability toget the vault do it. I have a GOSM small unit for many years and I have had nothing but great smokes with it and If you cann't get the vault get the big block GOSM and you will not be disappionted one bit.

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