Does anybody else have problems smoking poultry with there brinkkman electric smoker?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bubba96, Aug 10, 2014.

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    Hey there everybody i got a quick question to ask. So i would say i had my brinkmann smoker form about half a year now and this is the smoker i am talking about: The problem i am having is that whenever i smoke poultry on this smoker is that whenever it is time to take it off the skin is all rubbery. I smoked 2-3 chickens and 1 turkey and all came out with rubber skin. The inside of the poultry taste moist and really good smoke flavor but the skin like i said is not that great. Does anybody else have problems like this with there brinkmann electric smoker? Is there a way i can not make it have rubber skin? Answers would be great if you have any!
  2. Finish it in the oven above 325°

    Happy smoken.

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    Throw it on the propane grill for ten mins
    Rubbery skin is just a byproduct of smoked birds. It can't be helped ,you gotta pull it at 150 and finish hot to crisp the skin
    Final IT 165
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    As you can see , the consensus is the the electric smoker can't get hot enough to crisp chicken skin. It's not you , it's the machine. I would suggest the gas grill to finish or as Mule suggested , in the house oven for a few.
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    And Patience , don't forget Patience...[​IMG]

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