Do you split the fish?

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  1. I'm doing some Tulibee for the grandson on Sunday. I just got the fish and had I had the brine ready for them. The fish are gutted and the scales are still on. I will smoke them skin side down. My question is, since its basically the whole fish body, should I split them to smoke both sides evenly or will the smoke and heat smoke the whole fish as it is? Thanks
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    If it's a boney fish, smoke whole.... then the meat flakes off leaving the bones attached to the back bone....    I have smoked oily fish by skinning and scraping off the oil layer if it tastes bad..... laying on foil and picking the meat off of the back bone.....    Never had or heard of Tubilee so I have no idea of the flavor profile.....
  3. I did smoke the fish but didn't split it. I did scale it after I brined it in a simple water,brown sugar and salt brine, then skinned a couple and left the skin on a couple. I used a pre- measured Medditrainian (sp) spice mix I bought off the store shelf and coated them with olive oil and put in a grilling pan with holes in the bottom. Smoked them for about 2 -1/2 hours, temps varied on my charcoal smoker but stayed around 180 to 220 degrees. It turned out great and I also smoked the walleye that he brought also. The Tulibee is whats called a Cisco I guess but has mixed reviews on eating it. Good white fish but lots of tiny needle like rib bones. I want another shot at one to see if I can get the bones out before smoking. I gather the Tulibee is also in the salmon family in some way and know to others as mongrel fish. Anyway it all turned out good if you don't mind picking thru you food. As for me, I like fish but I want to sit down to the meal and not have to work to eat it!

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