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    I am looking for opinions on some wood choices I intend to use as I am entering my first competition in a few weeks, and have assembled a time of complete novices (including myself). It is a kosher compition so the meat and equipment is all being provided by the organizers.
    We will have the following equipment:
    Webber Smokey Mountain 22.5 and a Weber one touch silver 22.5

    Here is what we are cooking:

    Brisket rubbed with a savory blend with a touch of heat and injected with a butter, broth and savory spice liquid : Mesquite and Cherry in the Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5

    Ribs rubed with a maple sugar dry rub: Mesquite and Cherry in the Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5 along with the brisket

    Chicken Thighs Rubbed down with a sage and lemon butter: Apple and Maple in the Weber one touch silver 22.5

    Beans with kosher beef bacon and molasses: Apple and Maple Weber in the one touch silver 22.5 with the chicken

    Please let me know if I am on the right track here or if I am comitting and crimes against BBQ. The mesquite came primarily from the fact that one of my team mates is from Texas and he requested it, but in actuallity he is as clueless as I am. Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated, along with any tips for a newbie are welcome.

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    I think, being no expert here, that the brisket is fine with the mesquite. Remember, it is a very strong flavored wood so might/will overpower the cherry if to much is used. I really have not much experience with it. Being here in the PNW I favor fruit woods (cherry being a current fav) and alder usually for salmon. Same input for the ribs. My best advice would be to perform a 'shake down' smoke as if it was the actual competition and see what the opinions are and adjust from there.....HTH, Willie
  3. I agree with Chef Willie on the shake down smoke, so you can adjust and fine tune how much of this and that.

    Being from Texas, we use mesquite a lot, and do a fair amount of briskets.  It CAN be overpowering, and can get bitter if you use too much.  Note that it burns quite HOT, so temper how much you put in.  First couple of hours with smoke is the crucial time to infuse smoke flavor into your brisket.  Cherry is a good one to impart some excellent flavor on your brisket.

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