Do beef short ribs benefit much from marbling?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by panupat, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. panupat

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    From my pork ribs experience, my ribs were always tender even if I choose dirt cheap ribs. I'm wondering if that's the case for beef short ribs as well? Near my place there's Angus beef ribs which looks super juicy ... and there's also cheap, ungraded beef ribs with not a whole lot of marbling at 1/4 the price. Would the latter be worth picking up and worth taking the time to smoke it?
  2. smokinal

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    In my opinion, yes it makes a big difference.

    The marbling is where the flavor & juiciness comes from.

    Others may disagree. 

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  3. worktogthr

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    I agree with Al.  Of all the beef ribs I have cooked, the one's with visible nice marbling have been the most tender and luscious.  
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  4. b-one

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    The cheap ones sound like crockpot ribs. But try some with the good ones maybe you will like them.
  5. chef jimmyj

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    Low and slow smoking is all about taking the lowliest cuts of meat and making them tender. It's is only the guys making Foo-Foo Q that insist a Prime Grade, highly marbled, Grass Fed, Wagyu Brisket is the only cut that will be tender and juicy. Sure the Wagyu will be great eating but do your part and an Old Spent Dairy Cow Brisket will smoke up to tender juiciness as well...If the price is good go for it. Worst case, the meat gets turned into Taco filling or Chili, cooked till falling apart in liquid...JJ
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  6. humdinger

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    Totally agree Jimmy.

    I'd also add that if you're on the hook to impress with this meal, play it safe and get some angus ribs! But also grab some lower grade ones and test your skills. Try them yourself first. If it's close, ask the folks your serving to try and tell the difference. Have fun!
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