Discuss different Salmon cook methods.

Discussion in 'Fish' started by viper, Dec 31, 2011.

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    A little off the cuff today but wife bought a fillet of Salmon so I whipped up a quick brine with salt, water, brown sugar, garlic, onion, and apple juice.  It will probably only get brined for 3-4 hrs.  Have to eat the stuff tonight I think so I was thinking of smoking for an hour on low heat, then moving to the grill to get em done. 

    Curious if there is a thread floating around about the different common cook methods, temps, internal temps, times, results, etc?  Seems like a LOT of people cold smoke Salmon for 10-14hrs but I would be concerned with it drying out?  How does the flavor differ from grilling?  Does the cold smoke remove most of the fishy taste?  Wife is not a fan of fish in general.  Winning her over will be a huge win in my book.  HOwever, I ain't gots the time to go all in today. 

    Am I comparing fish too much to chicken?
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    If you are going to cook it for a dinner meal you have to make sure you don't overcook it. There is only a couple of minutes time between tender & juicy & dry & overcooked. If you put a probe in it the perfect temp would be 140 degrees. If you look in my signature line there is a salmon thread that you can look at.

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