Disappointed with amount of smoke; bought a master built electric 40" added updated part sent by mas

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    I see a lot of posts about the AMNSPS I have the reg AMNS.Is the pellet smoker better? I know theres more selection of flavors with the pellets.I've been thinkin of upgrading to the pellet smoker.
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    Geerock, should have sent a PM when it arrived - figured you'd see one of my responses! 

    it really has been 4 weeks but who's counting any more, was outrageously disappointed with the outcome even though they sent a body kit with a controller and a new door.

    BTW I'm guessing they sent a standby controller installed, as a pacifier in response to my email that I was getting extremely impatient after 4+ weeks of the "please hold" business, which is probably why the controller/smoker did not work properly.  Done with that project, though I really thought the concept was good. 

    Thinking pellet smoker in my near future...Cheers. 
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    Just talked with MB Customer Service and they claim to have the controllers available. I gave her my name and addy and she said it could take 7 business days via UPS to arrive. I guess that's progress to a degree. If this doesn't work out, There is a place out here in PA that has Amish built pellet smokers. Either way, my Controller magically came back to life and this new one will be a backup.  Damn shame MB customers have to go thru all these gyrations because MB's quality control went off the rails.
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    Yeah, got the same story today.........with a twist.  They said they were making an instruction sheet to go with the "re-worked" controller and they had to package them up together.  Then they would be shipping them out.  Worst that can happen is it doesn't work, we get a refund thru masterbuilt and order a PID controller to run the whole thing. 
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    If i remember correctly you were getting a pid.  How's it working out for you?
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    Gentlemen, could someone please describe to me what a PID Controller is? I've never heard of it and I'm new to smokers..
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    I don't know what PID actually stands for, but it is a digital control for controlling temperature.  You may want to check out Auberins for more info.
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    Tanx for the quick comeback Sarge. I just went to that website and those controllers look pretty impressive. I'm just a bit confused as to how it bypasses the existing controller on my MES. Does it simply turn the MES into a box and the control of the heating element transfers to the PID?
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    It works great!  The one that a friend made (he actually modified something he had laying around) has an autotune feature that will read the temps in the chamber and "learn" to shut down and turn on the element to obtain the most accurate set temp.  It's never off by more than a few degrees either way.  He even gave me dual meat probes with readouts.  Beats the snot out of the stock MES.

    BTW - PID means proportional-integral-derivative
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  10. The PID's look cool. But how do you hook them to an MES?
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    MM morning... since this thread is fairly old, I will pick it up....
    Not having a PID, and never hooking one up..... My understanding is you wire the PID directly to the heating element and bypass any internal controls your smoker may have... the PID then controls the element....
    I did something similar, using a "dimmer switch" to control the wattage of the element, on my MES......

    There are several PID threads on the forum... You might look up a few to get some new ideas....
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    On the auber instruments units or some others you simply hook your power cord directly to the element of the smoker and plug that cord into the back of the PID.
  13. I'm using mine for the first time today.  Found it on Amazon instead of your own site, since I have prime and I wanted to make sure I had it in time for christmas eve dinner.  Got it yesterday, and the distributor that I purchased from didn't include pellets as you do on your site, so I had to drive 70 miles to the nearest Lowe's with BBQ pellets in stock!!!  So far, the start-up process was very easy.  I used my propane torch to get it going, checked for a good smolder, and we're off to the races.  Where would you recommend positioning the AMNPS in an MES 30?  I've read comments about placing it away from heat source, out of way of drips, etc...Right now I have it on top of the box that surrounds the wood chip chute, but I considered placing it on the lowest rack with a drip pan above it.  Thoughts?
  14. I would recommend you pull the chip loader out at least 1 inch to 1 inch and a 1/4.... Sometimes I've had to open the actual chip tray a 1/4 to 1/2 inch also, most times I keep that shut.. Place you AMNPS underneath the water pan making sure it is protected from drippings or it will put it out.  It is VERY VERY important that you light the pellets and keep a flame for TEN ( 10 ) minutes, blow it out and watch it smolder... Do NOT fill the rows to high or they will creep over the top and burn the next row rather than following the S.....I've tried putting mine EVERYWHERE but the bottom left works the best for me.

    Lastly, I have Amazon Prime as well but this is something I would never buy from them because the customer service, advice, pellets you get from Todd are TOP NOTCH.  He helped me get thru my frustrations and it took me awhile to dial mine in.. There are still days I have to dial mine in and I'm telling you his pellets are the best, great prices, fast shipping and come from someone who I feel genuinely cares about your "smoking success" hands down !!!!

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    Tony has you covered!

    What model MES 30 do you own, Old Model or New Gen 2?

    Setup is a little diff between the 2 models

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    JimmyJam, morning...... A water pan, on occasion, will create enough moisture to cause the pellets to not burn... The steam displaces the oxygen in the smoker.... results..... no smoke.... something to be aware of......

  17. Hi guys Happy Christmas from the UK  guys.

    I have a fully modified Brinkmann TMLE and also do a heck of a lot of cold smoking . I must say the one thing that makes this a breeze is Todds AMNPS. The only small gripe I have is availability in the UK . I tried to order one from Todd but guess there must be some reason that it didnt happen. I eventually got one from Australia by post and just love it.


  18. I'm pretty sure it's the older model.  I got it at Home Depot back around Father's day.  This weekend I was at Bass Pro Shop and saw one there, looked different than mine.  Mine has a curve to the front door and the digital control is kind of sloppily mounted to the top.  The one I saw in store this weekend has the drip tray that pulls out from the front and the digital controls on the front lip over the door.  Mine has the drip tray that hangs onto the back.
    Pardon the confusion, I'm not using a water pan, I just put a disposable pan beneath the turkey to catch the drippings for easier clean up.
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  20. I have the MES 30 . I know what I'm going to say next is unpopular on this forum but I will say it anyhow . Look into the Masterbuilt Electric Cold Smoker Kit . It really works and you can burn whatever you want in it except for saw dust and large chunks .I did the Amnps thing and always had trouble keeping it lit .No matter what trick I tried from this forum and I tried them all .Bought the Masterbuilt kit and it was great . Sure you will not get 11 hours out of it but 6 with whatever you throw in there isn't half bad . Small Chunks,broke up lump charcoal,pellets and chips . Throw it in the top ,turn the switch on and your set for hours of not having to make sure the tray stopped burning . I'm just saying IT WORKS !!! It will increase smoker temp by about 15 degrees in summer if you are trying to cold smoke,but for cooking it can't be beat . In cold weather probably wouldn't notice a difference on a cold smoke . Oh yeah ,if you want to add a water pan NOOOO problem . You can add what you want and not have to worry about making room for a tray with pellets or if the food is going to drip and put it out . You can even turn your damper down some if you like and not worry about if you have enough air flow . 
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