Disappointed with amount of smoke; bought a master built electric 40" added updated part sent by mas

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mecjac1, Jan 16, 2013.

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    WHAT !!!!  Do you mean there are not 2 conflicting opinions on "How stuff should be done !! "

     How can you function...   Novel, very novel....  [​IMG]  ....
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    Yeah... flow through exhaust...  headers....  ported and polished intake manifolds...  Dual point distributors.... roller cams....  

    I'm glad I outgrew those days....    

    A dimmer switch, mailbox and AMNPS is a lot less expensive...   and I can eat great food...
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    That's by design, I can dirty every pot in the house boiling water...Glad it's working for him. Give him a big [​IMG]  for upholding the male facade!!
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    LOL, Wish I had..You wanna buy a 71 scamp...need to sell to get more smoking equipment[​IMG]

  5. They do it's a smokin-it smoker no problem getting smoke out of it
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    Is that yours ??????    Barrett-Jackson material.....   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    Dave!  He does laundry too!  [​IMG]
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    You're showing your age Dave!!!

    Great looking Scamp Sound1!!! I can't stand that thing Dodge is calling a "Dart" these days!
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    MES, cardboard box, whatever...we seem to find a way to get it done. The AMNPS is just a good tool to work around the weaknesses that many if not most of the production line smokers seem to have. With any of our toys, getting a good consistent smoke is just part of the challenge. Having good equipment, having the patience to learn the little tricks of using it to it's maximum potential, and using this knowledge to your advantage....all part of the experience. And when ya finally get it, let her rip, hold on and enjoy the ride.


  11. Regarding the AMNPS vs Smoke Daddy: yes the AMNPS works as advertised, HOWEVER, the selection of sawdust is severely limited.

    I have the Big Kahuna Smoke Daddy aand a variety of 8 different woods and a hatchet to make the chunks just right.

    To me, part of smoking is tending the fire.
  12. s2k9k

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    Todd offers 15 different flavors of sawdust and 14 different flavors of pellets:

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    Just let me say being a guy that uses an electric smoker that your not going to get real good smoke taste unless you use real wood in a real smoker...I am probably stepping on some toes here but thats just the way it is....
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    I have a 30'' MES and i think it produces enough smoke.  I use different flavors of chips. What kind of wood are you using? maybe try different size chips or chunks.
  15. Hello All,

    I experimented with different brands of wood pellets.  I have found that Traegers pellets (orchard supply) are larger diameter and produces more smoke than any others I have used.  I tried this because a recipe called for heavy smoke, me being a beginner don't know heavy smoke from light smoke so, I smouldered the

    pellets in my AMNS till the smoke was pouring out of my cardboard smoker.  I'll just have to assume - that is what the recipe called for.

    I spoke to Todd (AMNS) he said I could light both ends of the AMNS to get a lot more smoke -

    Delie here
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    One problem I see with such a solution is I have no fences (can't afford to fence the 5 acres, and there are dogs, coyotes, wolves and various cats including cougars in the area. This poses a problem with the bbq's at times, let alone a flimsy smoker made from a cardboard box! Not to mention it rains. I have seen a variety of smokers made from many things, but while it would work, why would I bother with something that has to be renewed every time I want to use it. The oldfashioned drying rack my ancestors used would work just as well, and be a site more permanent, although you might loose some sleep trying to keep the animals from it!

    I think your point is that there are solutions out there, some people can use them, some can't and some don't want to, they want all the hard work done for them.

    Not everyone has the skills and the tools to make a smoker, or even adjust a prebuilt smoker to work well. My older cousin at one time had a smoker built from a 1940's Fridgidaire but he could make it, this was way before electric smokers were in the sporting shops and WalMart. My brother's solution was to make a stick frame (lots of trees around on our property) and a fire, and racks from the green willow sticks, and smoke his fish the old way, it started to rain so he got some taller sticks and put a nice sheet of builders plastic over top, worked just fine, the fish was good, and he was happy.

    I will admit, that so far on this site I have seen more complaints about the smoker's than praise for them, and people are building or modifying their picks, more than they are saying how great the smoking is. But that doesn't stop me from working with what I have and if it doesn't work well, will find a work around solution and keep on going.
  17. I started this a while back and feel like I should let everyone having the same problem the answer is adding a  http://www.amazenproducts.com/productdetails.asp?productcode=amnps5x8.

    This thing is a complete fix; so much smoke, never could have imagined, so much smoke flavor in food never could have imagined, bought the grill pellet smoker too and buddy's let me tell ya this is the nuts.

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    I have been using Masterbuilts cold smoke attachment ever since they came out with it and that is all I use now with no problems.Bass Pro for 60 bucks

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