disappointed first smoke with MES....equipment issues?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by randyrayd, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. randyrayd

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    Maiden smoke with 40" MES. I prepped yesterday and for some reason, the temp maxed at 311.  I figured this was maybe due to the unit being empty or maybe some chips had flared, but wasn't too concerned since I was curing it.

    I bought some beef and pork ribs yesterday (no sense in wasting smoke) and was planning to do a 5-6 hour smoke.  Temp leveled at 225, and I watched everything for an hour or so, then I went to do some grocery shopping. (If my wife goes we end up with a week's worth of snacks.)  When I returned the temp was at 311!  The internal temps (probed) were: Pork-185* and beef 170*.  I took the meat out since I didn't want jerky.

    I am a fan of strong smoke flavor on beef and pork, and these had barely a hint of smoke.  I've ordered an AMNPS so that problem will be gone soon, but any ideas why the unit overheated?  I have a bluetooth app on my phone and was using it and both days I left the house while using the app.  I'm wondering if the app has something to do with this?  Say when I left, the thing went berserk since it couldn't find the remote connection, and overheated.  Strange that it maxed at 311* and the display showed the heating unit was still on. Maybe the thing won't measure anymore than that.

    The beef is so-so moist but the pork will need a lot of sauce. Neither are very tender, but that's to be expected with only a 2 hour cook.

  2. smokinal

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    I'm sure one of the MES guys will be along shortly to help you.

    But I think that there are some issues with the bluetooth models.

    They should be able to elaborate on this.

  3. goldmine1965

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    I would call or email Masterbuilt customer service. There are numerous posts on this forum of temps issues and a lot of them point to the controller. Most folks who run their problems by MB customer service say the  service is great and they send replacement parts out quickly.
  4. bearcarver

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    What was the actual Temp, or don't you have any other Therm, like a Maverick Digital Wireless?

    When set at 275°, If the Heating element shuts off at 275° and the smoker temp coasts to 311°, that's normal.

    However if it's set at 275°, and the element doesn't shut off at 275°, that's not good, and you should call Masterbuilt & tell them about it. They will most likely send you a new controller.

    Some guys got wrong readings from their Bluetooth too, which is why I asked if you have another Therm in the smoker to see if it is only saying 311°, and really not that high.

  5. randyrayd

    randyrayd Fire Starter

    Goldmine, I'm calling MB and see what they say.

    Bear, I have other thermometers, but didn't use them at the time because all I could visualize was my ribs turning into crispy critters and wanted to get them out of the smoker.  The unit indicated the heating element was still on.  I quickly tried to reset the temp, but couldn't and the display was giving strange numbers and wasn't cooperating.  That's when I unplugged and got the meat temps.  

    Thanks for your service.  I was regular Army 1969 and got an early out in '71.  Two years, 10 months, 2 days, 11 hours and 43 minutes.:) 1st Division when discharged.  My daughter recently got medically retired from the USMC!

  6. bearcarver

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    There's another hint you just gave me----<<<and the display was giving strange numbers and wasn't cooperating.>>>

    I saw that a couple times before, and Masterbuilt gave them an RF control & RF remote control, to replace the Bluetooth with.

    If you can get them to give you an RF control & remote, that would be Great, because RF is far better IMHO.

    And Thank You for your service too!! (and your daughter)

    I was in from May 10, 1968 to May 15, 1971 ('Nam '69)


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