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    Haaaa... My mom used to work at Liptons back in the day.. needless to say we had hundreds of them packs (variety)
  2. Boy I would have been a happy camper at your house eating all your soup! HAHA!
  3. Well I don't mean to  [​IMG]   But are all the new folks bashful??  C'mon.  you know you have these nasty little pleasures.  I also like Kraft Mac and Cheese and Rice A Roni Spanish rice.  I am not a fish person but once in a while I even have canned tuna with mayo and finely chopped onion sandwich.  My first real girlfriend made these sandwiches for me many many years ago.  We will not discuss the memories that those sandwiches bring up.  [​IMG]   Even the chefs have fessed up to liking some good junk food now and then.  So let's hear it.  I know you new folks have a wealth of knowledge to add to this one.   Reading through it may make you smile and also bring back memories of Mom and Grandma.  That's where we all began.  If I can jar a memory or two and bring back Mom or Grandma for just an instant then the thread was worth posting.  Keep Smokin!

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    Darn Danny. You just caught me with a mouthful of Frito's. [​IMG]
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    Just seeing this and I'm a Vienna sausage lover. Also a big fan of any sardines. Corned beef hash from the can is awesome. Tomato and mayo sandwiches are great. Totinos pizza is eaten in my house once a week. And I love 7-11 wings!! The spicy ones faves.
  6. Hello mneeley.  Long time no speak!  OH MAN!!  You would be surprised what I pay for a single serving bag of Fritos or Cheetos here.  Would break your heart!  I have to pay for shipping.  A single 2oz.? bag costs me about $2.00.  My British wife loves Crunchy Cheetos ( as do I )  and I love Fritos!  We give them as Christmas gifts because of the price.  Keep Smokin!

  7. This is a pretty funny thread. I may not be that old yet, but I can remember something I used to make ALL the time in college that I loved. I would take a lb of Conecuh sausage, Roll Tide, (the thin kind) and put it in a piping hot pan. Then I'd sprinkle something sort of like a steak seasoning mixture with those big clumps of seasonings....I can't remember the name....and I'd pretty much burn it to a crisp. The seasoning would end up sticking to all of the sides of the sausages because of the fat that was rendering from the sausages. It was amazing! Needless to say, I gained a few lbs in college....
  8. This also reminded me of all the Totino's pizzas I'd eat. I like that microwaved and soft. Then I'd fold them in half and eat it like sammie. Pretty amazing.
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    I like my totinos crispy but my lady likes hers soft and chewy. It is such a great little fast meal and cheap!
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    Saltine crackers placed flat on a microwave-safe plate, a small square of cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeño on top of each cracker. Melt cheese in microwave. Done!

    Oh yeah, fresh is better, but canned boiled peanuts will do in a pinch. What? You've never heard of them? You can get them in every grocery store and convenience store around here!
  11. Ain't that the truth. This might be the wrong forum to say this but the fat content that is consumed in eating one of those pizzas could choke a horse though [​IMG]
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    Spam musubis with furikake!
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    I make boiled nuts when they are in season around here. The canned ones are good in a pinch like you said. Anytime were driving around we always stop at a roadside vendor.
  14. brooksy

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    just had a friend make these and I had never heard of them. It's peaked my interest and now someone here has brought them up have to try it.
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  15. peanut butter and mustard. mixed well, on crackers or as a sandwich.
  16. . I like mine roasted in the skin.

    .How does boiling them affect the nut?
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    Wow, so many memories dredged up from this thread! As a kid these were my favorites. Pickled pigs feet in a jar, and sucking the jelly off them. Braunsweiger sandwich with onion and yellow mustard. Going to the bar with grandma and grandpa, sitting on the big bar stools and getting the Penrose pickled sausages and pickled eggs while they drank pabst blue rribbon beer. Penrose doesn't make those sausages anymore :( peanut butter and a thick slice of white onion sandwich. Dried beef and mayo sandwiches with my other grandpa. Home made Pemicin(sp) while deer hunting. I remember going up to the neighbors farm to play and being fed a mayonnaise and suger sandwich.
    In the army, taking smoked oysters and tins of sardines in mustard sauce, which I have a bunch of in the cupboard now :) and the ubiquitous ramen noodles, preferably korean. Oh and ranger pudding haha.
    Great thread Danny!
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    Oh I forgot to add scrapple and souse to that list.
  19. mike w

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    The nuts become soft and change texture. They don't taste like peanuts as much, more like a kidney bean to me. They are addicting!
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    I'll agree they have more of a bean taste. I always get the Cajun. Mmmmm Mmmmm might have to make some this weekend!
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