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    Love me some spam. Its great to because they serve it at mcdonalds on the menu. Spam, eggs and rice. 
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    What an incredible thread! Everything from eeewws to laughter to tears.

    I was a huge Kraft Mac n' Cheese fan growing up, but my wife introduced me to her version, which is elbow macaroni with Velveeta melted with a little milk.  I add a big spoonful of salsa to it.  LOVE IT!

    Skippy smooth peanut butter and pepperocinis.  Be forewarned; if you try it you won't be able to stop.

    Old cornbread or old sticky white rice in a bowl, a little whole milk, sugar, and cinnamon.  Breakfast of champions!

    Cold potato salad made with mustard then topped with BBQ sauce once in your bowl.  Yummmmm.

    KFC mashed potatoes, gravy, and cole slaw stirred together.  Come on, admit it, you know you love it!
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    I spent 2 hours in Guam, back in 1969, just long enough to change planes----From a nice plane to a not so nice plane, and the stewardesses got older & not so pretty too.[​IMG]

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    cambells chicken noodle soup in a can, it is an elixir of the gods.
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     Thank you to everyone. Now I have to go back to the store in -17 temp and fix my wifes craving.

    She hands me this list: shef-boy-r-d pizza,hotdogs and SPAM.

     My DLS would have to be gerbers baby food custard puding. I still have the marks from the wooden spoons.

    Any cake or cookie dough in a box I mix up and eat out of a bowl including the raw egg, or mix it from scracth. My Grandma would chase me around the house.

    White bread with cream and sugar on top, pork-n-beans with sliced hotdogs, original mac and cheese with leftover hamburger crumpled up.

      Wife won't allow the limberger in the house!!
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    "Older and not so pretty!" HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh.
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    My mom used to smack us with a wooden spoon too! It even had a hole in the center to ensure the air could escape upon contact with the skin, making for an excellent cracking sound and welt!
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    Hey Friend

    Sorry to hear about Ruger.  Sad  A man and his dog.............................

  9. We bought two large chubs of Fricks Bologna today to slice about 3/8 in thick, rub with mustard/brown sugar and put on the grill with some wood chunks.  Freeze it up afterwards for great quick sandwiches.  Mayo and "maters" with a little onion are my favorite way, sometimes add a little BBQ sauce.
  10. java

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    Great thread! Mine would have to be

    1. peanutbutter lettuce and mayo sandwich on white bread

    2.tuna casarole sandwich on white

    3. canned smoked oysters

    4.potted meat with saltines
  11. spam fried hard
  12. Potted meat in scrambled eggs !!!!
  13. Big white onion sliced thick, saltines and thick sliced bologna and a Stiners Bock !
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    I agree with your like 100%. One of the things that gets a cross eyed look every now and then is my fondness for cheese topped with grape jelly or honey. Good stuff as far as I'm concerned. Also like hot beef franks with cottage cheese and cold saurkraut. To each his own....
  15. rugerlab

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    Thanks Gary
  16. charcoal junkie

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    When I make scrambled eggs I always mix a good amount of mustard in before I cook them. I like to grill thick cut slabs of Summer sausage. My son had left over taco meat with afried egg on a corn tortilla with cheese and sour cream for lunch. Around here during the Christmas holiday we have potatoe leftsa with real butter and sugar. When my mom was alive she made the best Mac salad it was great cold but better after we nuked it in microwave.
  17. GaryHibbert

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    3---Balogna, fried WAY beyond moist and jicy (read crispy), dejaun mustard, thick slab of onion, mayo, salt and pepper, in a sandwich

    4---Elvis sandwich.  ONLY MY BANANA IS MASHED ALMOST TO LIQUID, AND SPRINKLED HEAVILY WITH SUGAR.  Put thickly on one piece of very heavily buttered toast.  On the other toast lots of penut butter.

    5---Tuna cassarol.  Elbow pasta, drained can of flaked tuna, can of mushroom soup, frozen peas, lemon pepper, salt.  Stove top cook--takes no time.  Miss Linda won't touch it.

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  18. java

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    Oh!! I love liver, brown it up, make gravy out of the drippings, throw the whole thing

    into a casserol dish and bake for about an hour. serve with some mashed potatoes

    and you have a slice of heaven.

    Dont eat too much or you are sure to bloat!! (as i have done too many times )
  19. Java!!!! AIN't Nothing better than this, with mashed taters and biscuits to sop the gravy with.
  20. Some very interesting things in this thread.  Some I have tried some I have NOT tried LOL  for me I'd have to list:

    1. Kraft Mac & Cheese

    2. Cheap frozen pizzas (jenos, tombstone ect)

    3. and probably the weirdest one has been discontinued for years, but there use to be a Lipton dry "homestyle" chicken and noodle soup packets.  I would use about half the water and add salt and pepper and chicken bouillon and sometimes tear up some lunch meat and toss in to that and microwave it for a snack almost daily.

    The one thing I have added to my must try list from this is a smoked slab of SPAM!    

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