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    This is very interesting. The general opinion of Chef's is we eat these fine dinning style meals at home. Well some do and that is fine, but in reality most of us are junk food junkies. I must say my diet SUCKS! And that is putting it nicely........ Besides the grabbing a quick bite as I walk through the kitchen. Sitting down to eat without interruptions is truely a treat.......... So on to the DLS......

    Pringles and plain M&M'S, yes at the same time
    Chili cheese dogs, the messier the better
    Totinos cheap frozen pizzas, got to love the 4 for $5 price
    Checkers seasoned fries
    All kinds of othe junk foods, but we all eat those....

    As a kid my brother and I would try to eat some very interesting combinations of foods to gross our sister out. I found one that was actually really good. So here we go.....hope your ready for this one it is odd.....

    Soft wonder bread, peanut butter, grape jelly, ruffles potato chips and sliced kosher dill pickles all in one sandwich with a big glass of sweet tea..... That is usually a late night meal for me...... So here is the crazy thing the night before both my daughters were born I worked late and came home and ate my sandwich......
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    I like these frozen pork breakfast patties from Walmart. From frozen 1 minute in the microwave 15 seconds more for the cheese. They are ready to go before the english muffins pop out of the toaster.
  3. Fantastic! It's so good to see one passionate about whatever it is they are eating!

    As for "guilty pleasures," I do not have GUILT about pleasure.

    As for my junk foods; canned snails dumped over pasta, crassly and with oil and sea salt covering it too; or a package of smoked mackerel from Ducktrap with peppercorn all over it (I love the skin even and eat it as if an alley cat) or a jar of pickled herring - despite the corn syrup and crap that's often in there - serve as my "once in a while" sloppy picks, although I love them!

    Meanwhile, cheers to YOUR Friday and fabulous post!!!!!!!! - Leah
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    Very good thread Danny, my guilt as a kid was Vienna snausages and now as a parent just everything going so fast with kids, their homework ect, I should be taking stock in Hamburger Helper, they sure are easy and quick.

    Well I should say all good thread except your second sentence out of the gate, [​IMG],,That was just wrong LOL  BUT WHY DID WE ALL KEEP READING I think that was even more weird

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    Not to highjack but keep with jarjarchef's weird food thing. I think the 2 that people look at me strangely are I like Mayo with my liver and onions, and I like to take a couple eggs little salt pepper and a tablespoon or so of milk whip them up in a bowl and cook as making an omelet cook on both sides and then onto a plate then while warm spread with crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam, the warm eggs melts the PB and with some homemade bread all toasted up. MMMM.

    My father used to take a pack of saltines crush them up in a bowl put hot tap  water over them them to soak and drain then a bit of butter salt and pepper and some milk, he called it cracker soup.
  6. Way to go jarjarchef!!   Your professional reputation REMAINS IN TACT and we will never reveal your secret. No matter how our tastes have developed we still fall back to the things MOMMA made.

  7. mike65

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    Peanut butter and pickles on toast.  My wife and kids won't eat it but I like it.[​IMG]
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    Mmmm, kippered snacks, sardines in hot sauce, mustard sauce, smoked oysters in the tin!!! All good!

    Peanut butter and bacon sandwees, peanut butter and pickle or cream cheese and olive sandwees are some of our favorites!
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    I love spam and deviled ham lol. My wife loves BLT's with peanut butter on them yuk.
  10. bdskelly

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    okay… ( rolling my eyes ) I'll admit it…  Spam grilled in the pan and 2 fried eggs.  Best breakfast ever. b
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    Um, not much straight from the can, but I do have a fondness for this. It brings back many memories.

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  12. bigr314

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    scrambled eggs with chopped up salami on bread with mayo.
  13. shtrdave

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    Bread from a can, I have to try that. I eat almost no bread anymore, but I will make an exception. My next amazon order I will have some.

  14. I keep a can of this around all the time.

    Open up, apply your favorite rub and slow smoke in pit for a couple of hours, sauce added if you choose to glaze, then sliced.....

    I use a spicey, brown sugar based rub on mine, that gets lightly crusty n golden......Ummm mmmm   good stuff Maynard!
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  16. ibbones

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    Me too.  One of my faves.  Keep them around and eat one or two cans a week.
  17. cliffcarter

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    Brown bread is a New England tradition that goes with baked beans on Saturday night. B&M is OK but if you can find a recipe, making it yourself will be much more tasty. BTW you have to make it in the can, no exceptions.
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  18. julliette

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    2 slices of toast.. one slathered with miracle whip the other one with peanut butter. some nice juicy slices of fresh garden ripen tomato...some slices of a sweet onion and of course.. 3 or 4 slices of nice crispy fried bacon and finish it off with salt and pepper. My father used to call them poison sandwiches. 

    Don't knock it until you try it...yummy yummy.
  19. gmc2003

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    Two of my favorites are peanut butter spread between two slices of american cheese or fried bologna.

  20. smokin monkey

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    Sorry but mine has to be Corned Beef (tinned) with Brown Sauce! Had it today with Beans On Toast!:yahoo:

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