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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by swinefan, Apr 28, 2016.

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    So, since I have been in the game I have been reluctant to try bbq places, mainly because they usually don't know what they are doing and/or cater to the masses who don't know bbq.  I hit up Dinosaur BBQ in Baltimore while on vacation l last weekend since I had heard good things and seen them on TV.  The rundown:

    Pulled pork- too wet.  Almost like it was made in a crock pot.  Minimal bark, and where it existed it had little flavor (I could manage hints of pepper).  

    Brisket- pretty sure it was excellent, but it came coated in bbq sauce so it was hard to truly tell.  

    Pork belly- fairly good, not sure if it was smoked however...may have just been seared

    Ribs- they were really pretty damn good.  Tender but not fall off the bone, good flavor, the sauce had been glazed on well before so it was not too wet (I like my ribs dry).

    Sides- they were very very good.  The BBQ fried rice was interesting and delicious.  

    Overall, I'd have to say it was worth the try.  They are a bit mainstream in their bbq approach and don't adhere to one "method" (they are from NY originally) but if your ever near one, give it a shot.
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    [​IMG]  Like you, I don't like the chain restaurants..I live in Buffalo, and many were excited when one of the Dino BBQ joints came here about a year ago.  I've no need to try it, thanks for your review
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    Anytime I try a BBQ place for the first time I always ask for sauce on the side,if there's an option.
    I too have been very disappointed with some places, one that said they had an excellent homemade BBQ sauce tasted like straight up ketchup,but others have been a nice surprise outside of there cost.
  4. I've been to the one in Buffalo a couple times when they first opened, and it was better than most places.  Nothing was ever soggy and was very flavorful.  Plus a great beer selection.  I'd recommend it.  But a couple people I use to go to school with were from Rochester and Syracuse, and when they ate in those locations they said it was too salty.  I did not find that to be a problem.  The quality definitely differs from location to location.
  5. Expectations are high when you do your own smoking. Having to bbq for masses changes the process, and I find most that load on the sauce too sweet for my taste. As to the chain bbq's, I usually pass them by without a glance. I much prefer the one of a kind, local places with their unique spin on bbq.
  6. I enjoy sweet sauces, but I wish they offer other types as well.  I hate chain restaurants too, though Dinosaur BBQ is one of the few I enjoy.  Local places usually have better quality food and selection.
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    I agree after doing your own smoking it kind of ruins you for chain restaurants. Once you find exactly what you like more than likely a restaurant isn't going to be able to replicate it. I still love going to one off joints though. It is always fun to see what other people are doing.

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