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Discussion in 'Beef' started by salmonclubber, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. salmonclubber

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    Hello everyone

    today i got up in a great mood thought i would weed eat the yard early in the morning before it got hot out so i get to weed eating and get to the back of the house and just going along fine and pretty soon my hand starts to sting i look at it and there is a yellow jacket stinging me i reach down and swat him off
    i get away from the area because i see that there is a hive near by i go out by the fence and start weed eating that area i go about 100 ft and i feel something on my arm another yellow jacket stinging me dam it i run back away from that area and sure enough there is another nest on the fence they are out thick this year
    i move across the yard and start weed eating again and i run out of line on my weed eater so i go to the front of the house to fill it up again and well the head wont come off so i get out my pocket knife and start to pry with it and my hand slips and i cut my finger now i am mad i put everything away and go into the house and fall asleep on the floor
    i woke up at 1130 and go fire up the smoker i pulled out some dino bones for the weekend so i get the smoker going and i keep telling myself that its just the wife and i so i dont need to fill the smoker just smoke a couple of things well i ended up doing the beef ribs and some sausage links wrapped in bacon and some brats and at the last i threw on some hunks of halibut and some of dutches beans here are the pics

  2. bmudd14474

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    [​IMG] Looks great.
  3. mballi3011

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    Everything look great I really like the halibut looks yummy.[​IMG]
  4. gnubee

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    TIP the next time a bee, wasp, or hornet stings you rub some fresh cut onion on it. Or some of that afterbite they sell . After-bite is just household ammonia no more no less. It changes the composition of the poisons and renders it neutral.

    Also by rubbing either afterbite, ammonia or onion on you phernomes are also masked. When a bee stings it releases phernomes that tell other bees to come and sting you too. that may be why the second wasp felt like it should sting you.

    I get so mad when I am stung I go to the store and get a can of raid fogger then its payback time. Even though I know that wasps and hornets Kill thousands of mosquitoes. If there is a hornets nest in your yard there are almost no mosquitoes. Still they sting me they die.

    PS they don't bite you, they sting you, its entirely the other end of the bug.

    Another thing while I am in a rant. Did you know that a 4 pound wasp butt takes longer than a 4 pound hornet butt to get thru a stall. Just some trivia I picked up along the way.

    Glad you made such a great recovery.
  5. salmonclubber

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    Gnu thanks for the info on bees i dont usually bother them but like you if they sting me or one of the kids then its game over it wasn't long and the insectacide guy showed up and i told him about them and he took care of them i thanked him i told him to come back by after he got off work to help with the ribs but he never showed up his loss hopefully today will be a better day LOL
  6. meatball

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    That halibut looks awesome! Glad you're OK, nursed yourself back to health with a really nice meal!
  7. irishteabear

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    Sorry that you got stung. Nice job, everything looks great. I can't seem to do a smoke without filling the smoker either. [​IMG]

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