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  1. Here's tonight's dinner- 2 tri-tips that I got from the store marked down 50%. They were preseasoned. The black pepper and burgundy one was really good. The Santa Maria one was super salty. Also on the grill were 2 chicken breast that were also marked down and 3 Cornish game hens that I spatchcocked. I also grilled mushrooms and the giant foil ball iis a whole onion sliced bloomin style with butter, and spog.

    I did all of this indirectly with a foil pouch of pellets. The tri-tips were good but they cooked way faster than I anticipated so I pulled them a little later than I wanted to. It was definitely a learning process. I will not get the preseasoned ones again but the price was right lol
  2. Forgot to post the pic!

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    Now that's a good looking meal!
  4. Thanks! It was pretty good!!
  5. Lookin good TT is rare in my neck of the woods but it is awesome when cooked and sliced right 
  6. They were good but I definitely won't get preseasoned again. Also they were a little doner than I wanted but still pretty good. My previous experiences with TT haven't been super great, my friend used to BBQ it all the time as a steak and it was always shoe leather. But it was her "favorite" and she "makes the best tritip".... Not so much. I always felt like it needs a little lower temp and slower cook but I have just started playing with this grill and it got away from me a little.
  7. Right... I like to use a very simple rub on my TT usually just Montreal steak seasoning & sometimes some wooshy sauce and i also like to smoke mine around 225 so it sits longer in the smoke but depending on how thick it is it could take 1-2 or so hours. i let it get to about 120 or so and take it to a SMOKING HOT grill for about 30 sec to 1 min gives a good med rare 
  8. Well next time I get my hands on one that's the plan!! Love Montreal steak seasoning, Costco is the place to buy that! So much cheaper there! We need to have a Smoking Summer camp so I can hang out with all you guys and learn how to do all this stuff. You can teach the tritip class!!
  9. I dunno about all of that teaching stuff, Besides id say i havent been smoking meat much longer than you... i just know TT looks like a steak so i cook it as such, Oh one more thing incase you dont already know cutting TT ACROSS the grain is another great way for that cut of meat to be very tender....
  10. Lol OK you're off the hook! Slicing does make all the difference. It's amazing how much actually. Even a really nice piece of meat cooked perfectly can be hard to eat if you slice wrong.
  11.  Exactly.
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    Very nice , Nice girl. You are already learning a lot , judging from you post .

    Keep plugging away . You are doing great .

  13. Thank you Stan!!!

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