Dimensions of a rack spare ribs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ufo8mycow, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Can someone give me the dimensions of a rack St Louis trimmed spare ribs? I am trying to design my next smoker build and I want to maximize the number of spares I can fit on each shelf.
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    I don't have any on me right now
  4. Just so happens I've decided to throw a rack of spare ribs on this weekend...

    The rack I have thawing is 8" by 18".
  5. Oy... I just reread.  My rack is a rack of Spare Ribs.  If they were cut down to St. Louis style, you'd lose about 3 inches from the width, and an inch or two from the length.
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    Keep in mind that this is going to depend greatly on the pig and the cut you get from the store.  I'd give it 2-3 inches leeway on both measurements for your smoker.

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    About 5" wide by about 16" long, YMMV depending on the size of the hog they came from originaly. You can maximize capacity on any pit if you use rib racks BTW.

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