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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cardiowatt, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. I was cooking up some country style ribs today and boy did they turn out great. I started a little early according to the ribs. Though I was starting right on time but they cooked up faster than expected. Well that left me with lots of coals already lit. Instead of warring them I pulled out some chicken breasts from the freezer, threw them on and went to town. Now I have chicken ready to go for meal prep this week.
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    My one attempt with country style ribs was a dismal failure. Used Jeff's Rub and left them in the fridge overnight. I used the 2-2-1/2 method at 230 degrees. Ribs came out tough and dry. Tasted great so we ate them anyway. Any advice would be appreciated as I have another rack of them in the freezer.
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    If it is a rack you might have spare ribs. Country style ribs are just strips of shoulder meat. I always foil csr's. I think they need a little steam and braise time to get tender.
  4. I rubbed them with mustard, and then my dry rub. I let them sit and come to room temp. After that I smoked them until close to 140 IT. I placed them in small small aluminum trays. I put on the bottom a combo of my homemade BBQ sauce, and pineapple juice that had been heated up. Then I sealed it up and put them back on. I tried to follow bear carvers plan, but chasing the kids made it a little tough. I modified a little, Right before serving, I threw them on the grill and basted them up. The turned out great. I liked this method over the failed attempt i made my first time too,
  5. I just do my CSR's with everything else 

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    I agree.  Pretty much decided after the last attempt to just cook it as if it were a loin.


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