Digital Thermometer Question - Different Reading using different probes

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by zx24, Aug 10, 2014.

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    I have two digital thermometers, one has worked well for me and the other is a little cheaper and used as a backup. I hooked up my good thermometer (wireless) and it wouldn't sync. So I took out my back up thermometer and connected the probe from my good thermometer to back thermometer display and it worked. This morning I decided to put the other probe in the meat as well and it is giving me a different reading. Based on the readings below, should I just trust the old probe and thermometer? I am smoking a pork butt to 205. Should digital probes work well together if they are a different brand?

    New probe + Old display = 183 degrees

    Old probe + Old Display = 159 degrees

    Analog meat thermometer = ~153 degrees
  2. Test in boiling water. Should read 212.
  3. zx24

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    I was able to get the good thermometer synced and both were reading within 2 degrees of each other. I guess using a different probe will impact the results.
  4. venture

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    A different brand probe can be a problem.

    Also, a hot water test for all?  212 at sea level.  Adjustments needed for higher altitudes.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    As stated , do boil test and record the temp. @ a rolling boil for each of the therms. and use those readings as your guide ( denote #1 and #2 for each therm. so you don't get mixed up;)-
  6. zx24

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    Thanks, I will try the boiling water test.

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