Diffuse Plate Issue OK JOE Longhorn

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  1. I have a gap between the diffuser plate and offset firebox.  The directions to install the plate gives you two bolts to eliminate the gap, but that takes away the ability to remove the diffuer plate easily. 

    When I covered the gap with tinfoil, I expected the temperatures to get a little higher across the bottom of the diffuser plate, which I was good with because the smoker is difficult to keep above 235 with just RO Lump.

    Instead of the heat going under the plate, the temperature on the right side of the smoker actually gets even hotter and creates an even bigger difference in the right side and left side of the smoker

    I have a water tray on the right side to help bring the temperatures more even, but it doesn't help.  Still 30 degree difference.  Anyone have any thoughts?

    Wings still worked, but have to figure out this issue
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