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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by schlotz, Jun 2, 2015.

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    Ok, so maybe it's me... but you find yourself wanting to explore a new recipe, let's say for example in pork, so you go to the "Recipe section" and nothing!  Sauces, Rubs, Sides but nothing for main dishes i.e. Pork. Beef, Chicken etc... and when you spend just a few minutes in there you discover very limited action from posting.  It looks like all the activity is in specific Smoking Meat sections which is fine but did you ever try and search those for recipes?  Seems like it would be a good idea to have a Recipe section that really is just that, where everyone who is willing to share can post for others to enjoy and try. IMO, it's time to update the forum with recipe categories.
  2. Ummm this is just MY thought but who really needs a recipe for smoked pork butt?  Buy the butt....apply the rub of your choice and smoke it.  Same with Chicken and same with beef.   If there is some CRAZY variation the person posts it in the correct section. 

    As for recipes.....A lot of recipes aren't posted because they may be family recipes.....proprietary.....etc.   Oh and the recipe section IS open to anyone that wants to share and post.  People are just choosing not to. 

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    The best way to find a recipe or method is to do a general search. Type "pork butt" or "pulled pork" into the search area and it will show results from all sections of the forum.
    On a related note, this isn't a cook book and it isn't structured like one. It's a community of people. Yes, the people here share recipes but that isn't the primary purpose. I for one kinda like the fact that a little digging and interaction is required.
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    Yep the search bar works great for me. Anytime I get an idea I type it into the search bar to see if others have tried it already.
  5. AGREE!!!   When you have to work a little you will LEARN A LOT!!!   Pinterest is available if you need a recipe forum. 

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    This thread reminds me of my wife and kids who always say "I've never heard that before" when they ask me a question about my experiences.  I'm the type guy who has an experience and just logs it away in my memory.  It will sit there dormant until someone asks a question that connects to the memory then I'll share the experience.   

    Recipes are a lot like that.  I'm always copying recipes, modifying ones I find here or online, or concocting my own.  On long boring road trips I start concocting recipes to pass the time.  I have a software program I use to write them down, modify them, test them, whatever.  I might share them with my kids when something knocks my socks off, but for the most part they just sit dormant in my program until someone asks a question, then bingo, I'll share a recipe.  Just posting a recipe in a recipe section for no reason generally isn't in my nature.

    Best way to get recipes around here is start a thread and ask a question.  Recipes worm their way out of the woodwork of our brains.     
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    Well, I can see my point was missed regarding an incomplete section but most likely because I didn't word it better. Yes I've used the search function many times and have found what I was looking for.  Oh well, moving on.......  
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    If you go to any forum and subset of that forum....... On the bottom of the page is a selection.... you can click on "SEARCH THIS FORUM", and that will help to minimize the results you get...

    Show: .. .. New Posts.. .. Mark Forums Read.. .. Subscribe.. .. RSS.. .... Search This Forum.. .. or "SEARCH THIS THREAD"
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