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    Hello everyone. Quick question. I have a char-cooker with side fire box. all of you that have this type of smoker know the learning curve on keeping at temp. Question, If i purchase one that is propane and is pellet fed can I just put on my meats and walk away or do you still have to watch the temps. Some postings tell me that it will hold temp and feed the smoker with pellets. Is propane easier to maintain over wood chunks. Thanks for any help. I love to smoke but doing brisket is an all day event watching the fire and keeping temp.
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    Well it all depends on what kind of propane smoker you get. I have a small propane rig and I am constantly watching it and messing with the heat but I also build a big smoke shack and is propane and I don't have to touch that thing at all. It is very heavy and very well insulated. I also built a UDS last winter and it stays at temp like a champ I love it. So in my personal opinion it all depends on what kind of smoker you have.
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    Well I have both a charcaol and a propane smokers. I like the propane smoker the best for it's maybe the easiest to mantian temps and the wood chips/chunks works very well. I also have a Bandera charcoal and it uses alot of charcoal and it's alot harder to keep up the temps too. Now I have only used it a few times maybe 4-5 and it seemed to use alot of charcoal and requires alot of messing with too. It doesn't hirt that the propanes fit so well in the outdoor kitchen too.

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    Electric (Watt burners) for the most part are plug & play keep an eye on them once in while.

    Propane i do not own but i do know ya dont want to run out in the middle of a large cook!!
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    thanks guys

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