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    I learned a different method of manipulating the dough on a pizza forum - it is called lamination.  We tried it, and while it is more work, it makes for a different crust experience, and I have to agree.  Normally I like super thin crust because it results in the crispiest texture.  Lamination is exactly as the name indicates - the dough is rolled, then folded twice, then rolled again to create layers when baked, similar to what you would expect in a puff pastry.

    The result is a crust that is really crisp on the bottom layer, the next layer up is still crisp, but less so, and so on for all 4 layers.  You get a thicker crust that is still marvelously crisp, yet chewy and tender at the same time.

    Here you can see the layered effect with air space between the lamina

    No, that's not a dirty crust [​IMG] - we sprinkled coarse thyme flavored salt crystals on the crust when we flipped it during par-baking

    We also tried something else different - after the pie came out of the oven, just before slicing, we added fresh basil (chiffonade) out of the Aerogarden, and finished with freshly grated Manchego - resulting in the freshest basil flavor, and retaining all the sharpness of the cheese.


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