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Discussion in 'ABT's' started by flash, Jul 13, 2013.

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     I had smoked some Chuck Roast a week ago and had the wife throw together some Mexican Rice and Beans. Picked some Cubanelle and Pablano peppers and after the wife warmed the mixture of rice, beans, onions and pulled chuck, she stuffed the peppers  with the mixture and I wrapped them in bacon.

    Sprinkle them with some "Slap yo Mama" spices, then on the smoker at 225º. I actually gave the Pablano's a 1/2 hour head start as their skin is thicker than the Cubanelle's.

    Choice of wood was Cherry and Pecan. After around  2 1/2 hours, the bacon looked good.

    Wife whipped up a salad with some of our fresh garden tomatoes. Topped off with a Shiner Bock beer. Tasty for sure.

    Peppers are topped with Mexican cheese topping.
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    Looks great.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I have cubanelles growing this year they are doing pretty well and I keep thinking about you stuffing them
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    Chiles are the Bomb in any way... great looking ABTs.
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    Very nice

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