Difference between resting and just leaving it in the smoker at lower temperature?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by realfloopyguy, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Resting is essentially using residual heat to continue cooking pork butts.  I've got an electric smoker.  I never foil.  I have never had any issues with tenderness or juiciness.  I've started turning the smoker down to the lowest setting when it hits temp.  I honestly can't tell a difference between resting and not.  Can anyone give me a reason why resting would be any different than continuing to cook it at saying 160-175 for a couple hours?  It seems like a lot of extra work for nothing to me.
  2. inkjunkie

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    Wrapping it in foil and dropping it in a cooler is a lot of extra work?
  3. Cleaning a cooler, preheating it with boiling water, wrapping it in foil, and then cleaning it again seems like a lot of extra work to me when it doesn't much different than just turning down the smoker. 
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    Resting allows the meat to absorb it's own juices.  Take a steak straight off the grill and slice it....it will bleed all over the plate.  Let it rest for 10 minutes and there is no bleed out.  YMMV

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    I have a cooler for it. I don't find it necessary to heat it with boiling water I fill the extra space with an old pillow even. I could see trying to preheat the cooler if you had to hold it along time but not resting. That said do what works for you!
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    Whatever works. 

    We had a bunch of old towels we weren't using any longer.  Consequently I've started skipping the cooler unless it is going to be 3-4 hours rest or more.  If I'm not using a paella pan and rack in the smoker I put the meat in a disposable roaster, cover with HD foil, put a towel on the kitchen island, set the roaster on it and cover it with more towels.  Works like a charm.   
  7. stickyfingers

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    I put it between a folded moving blanket.....can't  be much easier.

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