Did the Mailbox Mod - works great!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by docktoo, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. docktoo

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    MES 30" Digital

    The AMNPS works well when inside the smoker, but made it hard to cold smoke cheese (temp variation, overheating).  Not entirely the fault of the AMNPS tho, I like to add a few chips to the pellets and apparently they flare a bit, thus the temp variation.

    Well, after I melted a bit of cheddar cheese last time, I decided to make the mailbox mod and tried it out yesterday.  It worked great with the AMNPS and I got a solid 6 hours of smoke out of it, with additional chips added to the pellets. 

    Hats off to those that have come up with this mod! [​IMG]
  2. dave from mesa

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    How about a pic?
  3. docktoo

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    I drilled 5 1/2" holes in the door for incoming air.  Smoke exit 3" hole for a short piece of aluminum vent tube connected to flex vent hose with another vent tube to go into the chip loader opening.

    Worked great doing a chicken yesterday.  Looking forward to using it for cold smoking.

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