Did my Pulled But Ham today.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by shtrdave, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. shtrdave

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    Sorry no pictures of the presmoke details.
    Did Pops brine, injected brine into the 8# butt as to try to be certain cure got to every part of the inside, into the brine with a ziplock bag with water in to hold it down, and into the back fridge, was in there for for 16 days, took it out rinsed and soaked for an hour with 1 water change. Did a fry test and was not sure what I had, didn't taste like ham didn't have the plain pork taste, was a bit confused at this point.

    Dried it off some, and rubbed with CBP, garlic and season salt (it didn't have a salty taste when fried) due to time I didn't have time to allow it to sit in the fridge overnight, so into the cookshack smokette at 225° was thinking about 13-14 hours but forgot that brined items usually cook a bit quicker, it was done in just under 12 hours, IT was 201° it fell apart trying to take it out of the smoker, came off in pieces. Left it set covered in foil and towels until I had time to pull.

    Now it tasted a bit more hammy, but not exactly like it. We will be doing this again, the GF liked it and that is what counts.

    Thanks to Flyboys for his post which made me want to try this.

    Hate to do this to him but Let's Go Pens!!

  2. foamheart

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    If the GF was happy it was a homerun, what you think doesn't matter...LOL Its the holidays, keep building those brownie points!

    Looks good from here, Congrats!
  3. disco

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    Looks tasty to me. As for the GF, pleasing a lady is always a desired result.


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