Did my first smoke... Thanks to all the Veteran Smokers.

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by freefall927, May 6, 2012.

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    I received a Brinkman SnP for Christmas... I have read many forum posts and taken Jeff's course.  I spent yesterday doing the modifications on my smoker.  Tuning plates, Baffle, and Charcoal basket.  I cured the smoker per the instructions and had the meat prepped for today.  I even had my remote thermometer with dual probes set to go. 

    Last night, a friend of my girlfriends teenage son backed into my brand new smoker.  Partly my fault for leaving it at the end of our driveway because it was still hot from curing.  Needless to say, I was a bit agitated, but kept my frustration in line.  I got up early this morning and banged out the damage.  The end result is the bottom rack for the legs was destroyed, but that is easily repaired.

    I started the smoker at 7:30 this morning and the meat was on at 8:00.  I chose to do a pork loin and a standing rib roast.  Having never smoked I figured one piece of meat would come out edible.  The pork loin was done in 4.5 hrs and came out FANTASTIC.  I pulled the standing rib roast off after 9 hours and it was BEYOND FANTASTIC. 

    Fortunately, my girlfriends family called and said they would be passing through our area that afternoon.  I was more then pleased to share the abundance of meat with them and got rave reviews for the meal.  What started as a trial run ended up being a great family feast.

    Having read through many forum posts, I was able to avoid many of the troubles with my first smoke.  I had no difficult with maintaining the temperature of the smoke, nor did my fire choke out.  Had it not been for the post of the many Veteran smokers I'm sure the outcome would be much different.  Thank you for anyone who success or failure helped my achieve a successful first smoke.

    My advise to anyone new to smoking... Take the time to read the forums.  Then follow their advise and do the modifications.  You won't be disappointed.
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    Congratulations on the success!  Lucky timing impressing the in laws.  The only issue is no Qview!

    I admit, I wouldn't have taken photos of my first either.  You just don't know how that first one is going to come out.

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