Did I clean my MES 40 correctly?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by smokin ts bbq, Nov 26, 2015.

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    I took the racks and wood tray out and threw them in the dishwasher. I then took the water pan and drip pan and soaked in hot soapy water (dawn dish soap) and some white vinegar. I then scrubbed the hell out of them but eventually they were pretty close to silver again. Then I went out and scrubbed the inside walls and window with apple cider vinegar and hot water. Then I turned on the unit to 275 for 4 hours (still going) so did I do it right or did I just make a bigger problem for myself? I don't want a dirty Greasy cooker. But I want some kind of seasoning on there.

    PS. I have my vent closed off to keep steam inside.
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    Doesn't sound like you did anything wrong. Many MES users put parts in the dishwasher.
  3. Build up is all personal preference. Years ago I worked in my uncles restaurant and he had a commercial propane/electric smoker and after every smoke I had the task of cleaning that thing out till it was spotless. Brisket was delicious and so were the ribs always.

    Just don't allow drips or crud to accumulate and you won't get weird off flavors. Nothing wrong with running the racks through a dishwasher. Vinegar is my preferred cleaning agent vs cleaners that have chemicals in. I prefer not adding any more "stuff" to my food then it already has.

    Keep on smoking and wiping down as you see fit.
  4. Smoken, In 2 days I am surprised you have only had 3 folks post. Cleaning  is a individual thing. These are my opinions and they are only my opinions. Cleaning your racks in the dishwasher is a great idea. If you  have a gen 1 smoker foil the oval water pan and run the smoker dry. Being a electric it is humid enough inside. Foil the bottom flat drip pan. I have not used the drip container ever. I place a disposable foil pan on the bottom shelf. I foil that also.. I also foil the top of the element box as well as the front of the chip tray.

             As you  can see I don't like to clean the extra parts. I do like very clean racks and I don't have a dishwasher but I do use SOS pads.

    I seldom have greasy walls but if I think I need to wipe them down I use a 50-50 mix of vinegar and water on a paper towel. I never have a wet towel only damp. I don't like liquid and electricity together. More often than not I have to brush the dried flaky scale that develops. I brush then blow it out.  As I said before These are only opinions.  Jted
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    I noticed you have added another smoke generator unit. Does that mean you aren't satisfied with the one that comes with the unit? Do you use both?  What is the name of the added unit and where did you buy?
  6. bearcarver

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    [​IMG]  Almost all the same as I do.

    And the Smoke Generator "jted" is using is an "AMNPS".

    It works awesome, and can give you up to 11 straight hours of perfect smoke without touching it, once you fill it & light it properly.

    Here is where you can get one:


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    Used to clean the heck out of my smoker. Well that got old and it seemed the more black the walls got the better the flavor. I do have spotless racks and foil over the drip/water pan

    Had gen 1 and now have a new gen 2.5.
  8. What Bear said.
    You are absolutely right. We think alike.     j ted
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    I clean the  thermocouple and button in the back side of smoker and clean the window and that is it.

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