Did a brisket this past weekend....

Discussion in 'Beef' started by pig rig bbq, May 13, 2013.

  1. pig rig bbq

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    First things first. Got my survival kit ready.
    6.5 lb. brisket from the store. Used the Cow Town sweet and spicy rub I got from Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City.

    In the fridge overnight.
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  2. pig rig bbq

    pig rig bbq Newbie

    8 am. Got the charcoal started. I used hickory this time.
    9 am. Brisket is on. Thermometer probe is in. Grill temp is 225.
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  3. pig rig bbq

    pig rig bbq Newbie

    1 pm. Got good consistent heat for a good 4hrs. Grill temp stayed at 225. Kept the lid closed and trusted the thermometers. IT is at 151 degrees.
    I added a batch of new coals. Grill temperature shot up to 300. IT shot up as well to about 170. I kinda messed up here. Shouldn't have added so much coal. Kept the grill lid open to let some of the heat escape.

    2 pm. IT reached 170 so I decided to crutch.
  4. pig rig bbq

    pig rig bbq Newbie

    5 pm. The IT reaches 200, so I double wrapped the brisket in foil and plastic wrap. Into the cooler it goes.
  5. pig rig bbq

    pig rig bbq Newbie

    7 pm. I decide it's time to carve and eat! The meat had good flavor. A little dry in some spots, but overall I was pleased! I was looking for progress, not perfection.

    Decided to make some sandwiches. Toasted Rotllea's bun, spicy pickles, and Oklahoma Joe's sauce....

    This was my fourth or fifth attempt at brisket. It wasn't perfect, but it was a step in the right direction for me. Optimistic and satisfied!

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