Dialing in a Master Forge Double Door

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by terry irvine, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hey guys......just threw a roast in my MF.......i went through a bit of a process to see if i can dial it in fairly easily - now i should let you know that im very new (second smoke) - ive added a couple mods to my forge (rope sealed the doors and replaced the crappy non-functioning thermo on the door with a quasi-working thermo off an old q i have here) so this is what i did to dial in my forge - took about a half hour.  couple other things - i have an oven thermo in the box and i also have a single probe digital thermo i use in the meat (will be getting a better one later)

    First of all ALWAYS start with a clean rig (safety and to get proper temps)

    so i removed the wood box and the water pan - fired up the forge to preheat a bit - while the box is heating up i started prep stuff like line the water tray with foil and drain the wood chips i had soaking

    temp on the oven thermo is reading about 300 at this point on the door its reading 250 - 50 degree difference - ok - so i add some chips to the wood box and put the box in the forge and string out the digital thermo to get a better idea of whats going on with the temps.  let the digital settle and its reading about 325 - ok - 25 degree difference from the oven thermo and 75 degree difference from the door - while waiting for the smoke to start up i put water in the water pan and have a cigarette (if you dont smoke you can skip the cigarette).

    once the smoke started i added the water pan and watched the digital plummet - it stabilizes at about 240 - door thermo dropped to about 175 - ok 65 degree difference - not bad - so while waiting for the smoke to start again i go grab the roast and have another smoke (yes i smoke alot) - now the unit is smoking a bit - temp is still about 240....time to dial it down a bit.  Top vent is open full - side vents were closed so i start on the right side and open the right vent a little.....temp drops a few degrees - still need a little more for this roast so i open the right vent a bit more - temp drops a few more degrees - open the right vent open full - temp is still about 235 - door thermo is reading about 180ish at this point .....acceptable....put the roast in - digital thermo goes in the roast close up the door and wait for temps to stabilize again......roast drops the temp a few degrees which is ok still in acceptable range

    i dunno if this is gonna help anyone but if it does im glad to help
  2. smoke on!  where are the pics?!
  3. haha you saw the pics ive got so far - i just thought id try to help out some of the forge owners figure out their rig a little easier
  4. all info is good info!
  5. Terry,

    What amount of soaked chips do you use?

  6. i line the bottom of the tray so as to avoid creating hot spots in the wood box

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