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  1. I've ben reading various posts that insist not to trust the manufacturer included. This last time I smoked I decided to conduct a little experiment. I also have a Maverick remote temperature probe, so I decided to leave the probe on the wire rack not inserted into the meat. Is this an accurate way to determine ET?
  2. Does that even make sense????
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    Question #1 Are you trying to take the temp, of the inside of the Cooking Chamber?

    #2 Most Mavericks have 2 probes I have one with just 1 probe,what one do you have ?

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  4. a single probe
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    Steve, A probe that will give you grate temp cannot be placed directly on the grate. Place it through a wood block or potato or a grate clip, if you have one. This will position the temp probe approximately 1" above the grate. That way you are getting the proper cooking temp and it is not skewed by the metal grate. As far as an external gauge is concerned, if you can replace the factory gauge, use a River Country gauge. Lots of folks talk about the Tel-Tru, but the River Country is just as good and is much more economical. I use the 3" gauge with a 4" stem. It is easy to read and penetrates far enough into the CC body to get an accurate temp without being influenced by the heat of the steel. Good luck, let me know how it works, Joe
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  6. Does the River Country go in the same place as the manufacturer therm??
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    They will screw into a 1/2" threaded outlet or they have a nut and washer that you can use for a drilled hole in the body. (not sure of the size)
  8. Ordered from Amazon just now

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