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  1. It is monday afternoon and it has been over 24 hrs without tasting meat and smoke.

    OMG I used up all the yard bird at the Ham radio Field Day this weekend. What am i going to do???? Think D^*#N it think. I know.


    Naaaw   The wife would not tolerate. She is so rigid about some things.  Now what??  [​IMG]

    Naaaw he is my best friend. Sorry for thinking about Charley.  Now what?

    Got it.


    Darn it now he is going to be mad. Now what. Wait a minute. What is that in the back of the fridge?  1 pkg of sliced deli precooked roast beef. Bingo. My what a pretty green spot that is on the meat.. Must be a new sales gimmic like green ketchup. Oh well i Just need Grill and wood chips plus some spuds.

    Now were on a roll .



    AAAAHHH The shakes are going away.

    Another day another BBQ

    Wait a minute Tomorow what am i going to do tomorrow.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Wait a minute.

    Sorry Charley.
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    Now That Was Funny!

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    Great post!

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    Feed a man smoked meat and feed him for a day...teach a man to smoke meat and the endangered species list will grow overnight.

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