Deisgn Stages of a Monster Pellet RF Smoker. Need Input

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ballagh, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. ballagh

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    My last two smokers I built, (SS double door commercial fridge, and Ultimate Drum Smoker) I have used Smoke Daddys Pellet Hopper and am in love with them now.  I used every fuel source in the past, and with kids,a business, etc...It is what works for me now.  Being to sleep all night, and run it while at work is priceless.  I have built a 250 gallon RF with firebox in the past and loved it.  So I am needing a large surface area cooker to handle whole hogs and lots of food at once.  My plan is to roll a 6'x12' sheet of steel into a cylinder, giving me roughly 42" wide x 72" long grates.  2-Pellet Hoppers, magnum pig cold smoker, 2 SS slide out racks inside, RF plate/water pan w/drain, and possible quick fill if I can figure that part out.  So here are my questions.........

    My pellet burners will stick in 18" from the right side,  How far down ya think I should have them below the RF plate?  I want to boil/steam the water in the RF plate along with heating the tank of course.

    Any idea on calculating my exhaust size since I'm using 2 pellet hoppers instead of a firebox?

    Anyone know where you can find a water fill system similar to the one on Myrons smokers?

    Wanting a Jambo style exhaust system.  Is it basically a chrome pipe welded onto the bottom side of a steel ring, then a gasket and bolted onto your take off?  Or know anywhere a guy can buy one?

    Heavy duty swivel steel wheels.  Anyone got a good source for them?

    Thats it for now.  Ill keep ya updated, and please fire away :)


  2. inkjunkie

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    Can't wait to see this come together.....tossing around the idea of getting a pellet hopper for one of my drums. Have you ever had any troubles using it? Long cooks don't result in pellet dust choking out the fire? Any sort of weirdness?
  3. I'll be watching  this one

  4. ballagh

    ballagh Smoking Fanatic

    Like this one I built that I am using now :)

    I have used than all and love using them now. I have had zero problems with pellet hoppers and cold smokers. I would put mine up against anything on the market :)

  5. ballagh

    ballagh Smoking Fanatic

  6. It's tough to get our attention without a bunch raw meat transformational pictures for us to drool over.  :)

    On your first question, I would call them and see what they recommend. back...I'm curious myself.  I would think a 3 inch?  Go with 4 inch and choke it down if needed?

    I don't know how Myron's system works...but I would guarantee that a swamp cooler float valve would fit the bill.  Don't know how elaborate you want to get.

    I don't know what Jambo is.

    I would get some at Harbor Freight...and then like everything else from Harbor Freight, when they burn up...or otherwise go bad...go buy another set.

    I have a question...why wouldn't you just modify a propane tank instead of having steel rolled custom?  Seems like a lot of money.

    Eager for pics.  Go ahead and get started!  :)
  7. ballagh

    ballagh Smoking Fanatic

    It is actually cheaper for me to roll a new one than to buy a new tank.  Then I also dont have all the bungs to deal with.  I dont have pics yet as I havent bought anything yet.  Trying to decide if its going to perform how I want, as I have not seen one done yet.  I like to research and take bits and pieces of the things I like best and turn it into my own.  Since there arent a whole lot of this type out there, I am seeking input from others :)
  8. I'm in this will be an interesting build, can't wait

  9. I'll be darned...I would have thought getting steel rolled would be pretty expensive.

    I'm in for this build though.  I've had my eye on those pellet-pro hoppers for a while now.  Good luck!!
  10. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    My hangup on a pellet hopper is I am a lazy bastard, I will not be dragging to and from the garage. Talked to Smoke Daddy about it, told me I would have to empty the hopper and cover it...have yet to look into a cover...
  11. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Have been looking for about close to 2 months for a tank that would be a good candidate. Have found absolutely nuttin. Did see a hunk of large diameter pipe at a metal yard the other day, can only imagine how much $$ they want for it.
  12. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Ballagh, just re-read your first post. Only place I found wheels for my motorcycle lift I built that could support the 1000 pounds of bike/lift was McMaster Carr. Got 4 wheels, 1k capacity each, 2 with swivels and brakes for around $140 delivered, if I remember right.
    I had some cheapo Harbor Freight casters that I tried at first. While they sort rolled in a straight line one a change of direction was needed just wasn't gonna happen.
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  13. I saw some nice heavy duty wheels at Tractor Supply. Just don't know how they would perform. Steel pipe is high. For my 150 gallon trailer I bought a used propane tank. I couldn't afford a piece of pipe. Good luck with your build can't wait to see it.
  14. ballagh

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    Looking at starting with a 6'x12' sheet and rolling it.
  15. lendecatural

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    If you know a good fab shop with a big roller it shouldn't be that expensive, it really doesn't take that long to roll a sheet out.

    On the exhaust question, I would think if you are going with a reverse flow cook chamber, I don't see why Dave's calculator wouldn't work for the exhaust and area under the RF plate since it is based on the cook chamber. The heat/smoke doesn't know it isn't coming from a normal firebox setup.... 
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  16. lendecatural

    lendecatural Smoking Fanatic

    Just saw the caster comment, I've had good luck with They sell all kind of stuff and have a good caster/wheel section. The logsplitter crowd will be happy too, they have an awesome selection of pumps, hoses, and valves. I've bought engines, bearings, and wheels from them in the past and was very satisfied with the quality and especially price.

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