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  1. dubberz19

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    What is the best dehydrator for making jerky? 15 kilos of top sirloin to be exact.
  2. uncle eddie

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    I have used both the convection (heat rises) and forced air flow types.  They both make fine jerky but, hands down, the easiest and fastest to use is a forced air flow dehydrator.  The convection dehydrator requires you to to swap trays (top for bottom, 2nd from bottom for 2nd from top, etc.) every few hours or the bottom gets rock hard while the top stays chewy...that being said, I used one of these for over 10 years with no problems and it was pretty much the only kind available at the time.  

    When I finally went forced-air-flow the drying time dropped dramatically.  It took a little experimentation to find the right temps for an overnight dehydrating...but I would never go back to the old one I had if I had a choice.  I think this is close to the one I have been using for the past 8 or 10 years with great results:

    BTW - I probably make 30+ batches of jerky per year.  

    I also have a super easy marinate if interested.

    Good luck.
  3. dubberz19

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    Thank you for the advice. What was your marinade if you dont mind me asking?
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  4. uncle eddie

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    For about 3 to 5 pounds of meat - and I normally use eye of round trimmed of all excess fat if I don't use wild game - I use

    16 oz. kikoman soy sauce - this is the least salty of the soy sauces IMHO and does not overwhelm the meat with salt flavor

    2 oz. liquid smoke (any flavor - I prefer hickory or mesquite)

    1 teaspoon red pepper - give a slight heat only

    2 tbsp Mrs. Dash Chipotle Seasoning

    1 tbsp granulated garlic - (if you used minced garlic - go with 2 tbsp)

    Mix all of the above together

    I put my cut up meat in a gallon ziploc bag - then pour in the marinate.

    I usually leave it in the marinate for a minimum of overnight to 24 hours.

    Drain in a colander - place on trays

    I usually use the highest heat setting for an hour or two to dry off the excess liquid, then drop the temp to 135F.

    I also make this in the garage.  I smells good, but it will make your house smell like you are cooking 5 roasts in the oven due to the forced air dumping into the room.

    P.S. - When both of my sons were still living at home, I used to add about a teaspoon of Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce (Habarnero) just to slow them down...they ate jerky like potato chips lol.
  5. grabber

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    The one I use is a Excalibur.  Almost all versions get 5 star ratings.  5 tray one will handle 5 lbs. easily.  Only thing is to get even drying, every 1 1/2 hrs., I rotate the trays top to bottom and front to back.  It's no big deal.  Had mine for probably 10 yrs. without any problems.  Temp goes to 165.

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