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  1. Hi, living in the UK there are some words and abbreviations I'm unfamiliar with.

    Can I ask what does 'Country' means IE Country Ham etc.

    Corned Beef - In the UK it comes in a tin and is shredded beef with fat.

    Pulled Pork.

    and does OTBS stand for Only The Best Smokers?  Is it formal body which you join?


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    Hi Gary....Bless your heart!  We have had some friends live near us from the UK...and have laughed over some word differences.

    I am going to try and help out and provide some links so you can see pictures that may help.

    Country a cured ham....and is a bit salty to me.  Here are some pictures and the process too.

    Corned is a brisket that has gone thru a "corning process"...or brining process....and its usually used in Corned Beef and for St. Patrick's Day.

    Pulled pork is the end result of smoking a Boston Butt (pork shoulder/roast of sorts)....and "shredding it" and not slicing it. The Order of The Thin Blue Smoke.  It's a group of members here who have been nominated into that group or Fraternity if you will.

    Here is one more link for the Acronyms that are commonly used here.  If you are still confused...just send me a PM and I will be glad to help.

  3. Thanks Kat, that clears alot up:)  I've already got a F° to C° conversion  table sticky, fixed to the pc screen - I won't need it for much longer I'm getting used to F° again.  Thanks again for the links and it shouldn't be too long before I can strike my first match!

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    I do hope I didn't add to the confusion....figured pictures from the previous threads would help.  There were some of the acronyms that I didn't know either.

    Good luck...and if you need more help...just shout.  That is what we are here for!


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