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Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by 9manfan, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. 9manfan

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    My wife and I got 25lb's of deer stiks (15lbs. deer, 10 lb's pork)ready on friday nite, ground up everything and added the cure and seasoning's, and then stuffed into the casing's the same nite, was planning on smoking on sunday, but the smoker died on me, how long could I leave the stuffed casing in the frig before running into problems or could I freeze them and smoke later, won't have my smoker going until this weekend, thanks for the help
  2. adiochiro3

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    How long was the meat defrosted/refrigerated before stuffing into the casings?  We try not to let meat set in the fridge for more than a week before eating or freezing.
  3. 9manfan

    9manfan Smoke Blower

    The deer meat was thawed about 3 days before grinding and the pork was thawed a day before grinding, hoping with the cure in it, it will give me a few days,,,,,
  4. rbranstner

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    I don't know how well the casings will hold up to being frozen then thawed and smoked. What kind of casings are they? Are they those small synthetic jerkey stick style casings? If so I just don't know if they will be all mushy when they get moisture from freezing then thawing again or not. I'm not saying they won't work its just one concern I was thinking of. Maybe they will be just fine if you let them dry before you put them in the smoker. Hopefully someone will chime in that has some experience with this. Give POPS6927 a PM he has been in the butchering industry for a long time maybe he can give you a better idea if this will work fine or not.
  5. matts

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    The synthetic casing are fine frozen.  We freeze leftover casings all the time and use them a couple months later.  The real casings, like intestine is what we prefer to use for brats.  The will last in fridge for a long time.  Most cure pack seasoning kits specify to let rest in fridge for 24 hours or more prior to cook.  I would imagine if everything gets mixed up now, it will be fine after a few days.  Just keep it sealed up and maybe mix it up every so often.  If it was me, I would go ahead and get it all mixed and stuffed now and then let it sit in fridge till this weekend.
  6. 9manfan

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    It's all mixed and stuffed into the casing , did that last friday nite, just got a call and someone has a smoker I can use tonite, so hopefully I can get them done tonite, might be a late one,,
  7. matts

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    ok, must have missed that part.  Glad someone hookin you with a smoker.
  8. jamminjimi

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    Good Luck and make sure we get some qview.

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