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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dbriceland, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. dbriceland

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    I new to making deer sticks. I've tried a few small 5lb. batches and the flavor is ok but still fine tuning. Im using 1 lb ground pork butt and 4 lbs venison with con yeager spices but I'm having trouble with the casing sticking to the meat. Im getting a jelly like grease in between the them. I'm using a 21 mm. mahogany casing and starting out at 120 for 2 hours and then slowly raising temp. every hour to 180. I'm pulling them out and letting them cool to room temp but not getting any shrinkage. Help will be greatly appreciated                    
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    ok.. gonna post here instead of on the other thread... reading this and your post on the other thread ... first let me ask... what are you using to measure your temps in the smoker ?? It definitely sounds like your cooking to hot and creating "fat out" ... This is why your getting the jelly like grease... You said you mix in the mixer for 20 minutes and then start adding seasoning ? for one.. I think your mixing to long, but lets see what others say about that ...
  3. dbriceland

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    Ok on the mixing but don't understand how I'm cooking them to hot. I'm starting out at 120 and ending at 170. I use both the meat probe on the smoker and digital one.

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