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  1. So, whats a guy to do with 20 lbs of venison? How about make some sausage!

    I'm actually only making 10 pounds for right now, the other 10 is turning into summer sausage tomorrow night.

    For this I am using TSM's "Deer Sausage" seasoning. I've never had it before but I'm all about trying new things. I'm also using beef fat this year. I have a friend that is American Indian and never had any pork growing up and eating it now makes him ill. I have no idea how anyone could live to be 50+ without the likes of bacon. I'm positive that he is a medical miracle.

    I'm grinding the sausage and fat through a 3/16 plate before moving on to the next step.

    Here it is, going into the mixer.


    Added the remainder of the seasoning....

    Ready for the stuffer. I stuffed into 2" fibrous casings as the directions call for. I'm guessing this is more along the lines of a summer sausage. I didn't get any pictures of the actual stuffing as I was doing this all by myself. It's not an easy task, but it can be done. I also forgot to get pictures of the stuffed casings. I will be out there tomorrow working on the SS and I'll try to snap a few pictures them.

    What remained in the stuffer tube was fried up and man was it good! It's got a peppery garlic flavor, but it really compliments the venison without over powering it. I won't get a chance to smoke any until Saturday, until then it will hang out in the walk-in cooler with the other goodies. I've got two pork butts waiting to be turned into Buck Board Bacon, the remaining 10 lbs of grind for Summer sausage, and 4 venison roasts submerged in a corning brine in a crock for corned venison.

    I hope you all enjoyed this so far, I will do my best to get more pictures as I wrap this up this weekend. Thanks for looking.
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    Looks like your off to a great start... Will be watching for your results.........................[​IMG]
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    Where did you get the sausage seasoning?

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