Deer sausage, some advice please?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by garyc, Jun 14, 2011.

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    A friend of mine gave me 8 lbs of ground deer meat. The label says it is mixed with pork although I don't know to what proportion. I have have a Hi Mountain beef sausage kit that I have used before using beef only but I am not wild about the results. I found this recipie online and was wondering if anyone could help me expand/improve upon it.

    Deer Sausage


    For best results deer meat should be mixed with pork back fat, bacon or fatty pork trimmings.
    deer meat500 g1.10 lb.
    pork belly (bacon)500 g1.10 lb.

    Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat

    salt18 g3 tsp.
    Cure #12.5 g½ tsp.
    pepper2.0 g1 tsp.
    mustard, ground2.0 g1 tsp.
    marjoram, dry3.0 g2 tsp.
    garlic7.0 g2 cloves
    cold water100 g⅜ cup


    1. Grind all meats and fat through a 3/8” (10 mm) plate.
    2. Mix ground meat with all ingredients adding water.
    3. Stuff tightly into 32-36 mm hog casings. Make 6” long links.
    4. Hang overnight in a cool place.
    5. Preheat smoker to 130º F, (54º C) then apply hot smoke for 2-3 hours. In the last hour of smoking start slowly increasing the temperature to about 170º F, (77º C)
    6. Preheat smoker to 130º F, (54º C) then apply hot smoke for 2-3 hours. In the last hour of smoking start slowly increasing the temperature to about 170º F, (77º C).
    7. Stop cooking when internal meat temperature is 160º F, (71º C).
    8. Shower sausages with cold water and hang them to further cool down.
    9. Store in refrigerator.


    Sausage does not need to be smoked. After stuffing the sausage may be cooked for 40 minutes in hot water (176º F, 80º C).

    Should I just go with this or does someone have other suggestions?
  2. bearcarver

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    I'm not an expert on this, but I would say the recipe looks pretty good.

    The smoking part in #5 (duplicated in #6) I would change a bit.

    I would put it in the smoker at 130˚ for the first hour, without smoke to form a pellicle.

    Also at those temps in #5, I believe it would take longer than 3 hours to get to 160˚ internal, and if you stop at 170˚, it will really take a long time, because the smoker temp is too close to the target IT.

    As for #4, Some do that, but personally I would put it in the fridge over night (36˚ to 40˚), before smoking.

    Others can probably help you more than I, on this one.

  3. garyc

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    I think I see why their time is so short. This is calling for 32mm hog casings where I, and maybe you, were thinking the large fibrous casings. I want to make the kind of deer sausage my hunter friends bring to work after a successful hunt. It had whole peppercorns in it, sometimes cheese and japs and was about 2 times the diameter of a ritz cracker. Anyone know what I am talking about?
  4. nepas

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    Those are 3" x 18" fibrous bologna casings You can also get 4" and 6" but you better have some good size stuffing tubes.

    Sounds like your wanting venison Summer Sausage. Ring Bologna or Bologna.

    The recipe your showing looks like a smoked venison link.
  5. I think your internal temp is to high. 153 is more than adequate.

    I do not understand your aversion to hi mtn as that is my favorite. I do add to it such as more garlic and hot peppers. I also would put in fridge over night stuffed in casings. Yes it take a long time to bring to internal temp when set at 170 but doing correctly takes time and it is well worth the time.

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  6. bearcarver

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    Note: Most people go to an internal temp of 160˚ (some even go to 165˚), because all of the pieces don't finish exactly the same. If a few of them read 160˚, they should all be over 152˚.

  7. It sounds like your friends at work are bringing summer sausage to you. The hi-mountain summer sausage kits are great and you can add jalapenos and cheese to it. I have made several batches of venison summer sausage using these kits. The kits cost about 15.00 and have everything you need except the meat.

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