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  1. I need a little advice. I acquired some deer meat and want to make some brat style links. Can I just grind and make like regular brats, freeze and grill when ready to eat? Do I need to add tender quick or do anything different? Thanks...Jim
  2. If you are makeing them without smoking them and freezing them until you fry then you do not need to cure them. They would be fresh sausage. If you are going to smoke them and i am not talking about BBQing them on a high heat with wood i am talking about low heat 175 and bringing them up to approx 155 internal temp slowly then you would need to cure.

  3. by the by that temp for smoking is extreme max. i start to panick when it gets that high. My max for the smoker for brats is 165* and then i pull them when they are 152* internal. Dump them in to ice water until their internal temp is 110* and then hang at room temp. to Bloom for 2 to 3 hrs.

    Watching them Bloom with a cold beer is better then TV
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    You got a great answer from ExhaustedSpark. To add to that answer in case you haven't made brats before; any sausage style meats I make that will be thawed and then receive high heat to fully cook them before serving I mix with a fatty pork so the pork grease keeps the meat from drying out. Unlike with sticks, summer sausage etc., then I mix in lean pork, hope this helps.
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    Agree with both ^^^^
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    the answer to your first question is yes and the second question is no.........Good luck and dont forget the qveiw

    Happy smoking

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    Apparently none of these guys knows the complete recipe!!!

    I didn't see anyone mention the final step!!!------------>>  The Qview !!!!

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    I beg to differ.............[​IMG]
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    When making brats or fresh sausage from game the cut i use is 80/20

    Thats 80% game and 20% fat. Normally a pork butt works great with these kind of brats. Also a fresh brat does not need any sort of cure, weather it be cure #1 or MTQ.

    Now a smoked brat you will need cure.

    Cure #1 is added at 1 level tsp per every 5 lbs of meat

    MTQ is 7.5 tsp per every 5 lbs

    Low smoked sausage starts at 130-140* and up in 10* increments until you have a temp of 170-175*  Thats smoker temp not sausage temp. This can take awhile to do. If your going to take sausage at a start temp of 165* you might as well just cook it in your BBQ and add wood.

    If i kept my temp at 165* to get my IT of the sausage at 152*, I'd be up all day and half the night.
  10. Ok, thanks for all the input guys..

    I used my Rytek K. brat recipe, but added a little paprika and cayenne, and a little cheddar and a pound of pork fat. I'm guessing I had about 7 lbs of deer...

    Man those are GOOD. 

    I guess I need to take up deer hunting!!!  Sorry for the crappy phone pics :(





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    I started typing that comment before your's was there. Then I got side-tracked (office phone), or my post would have come up before yours. They were only 6 minutes apart.

    You got me,  [​IMG]


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