Deer jerky experiment

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  1. So, I normally prefer to marinade my jerky with Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce or K.C. Masterpiece Teriyaki Sauce but was out at home.  Too tired after work to go to the store and had a batch of deer ready for spicing tonight.

    Decided to go with BBQ sauce ( it may irk some but I prefer the cheap Kraft BBQ sauce ha ). In an effort to help keep the deer meat moister and as a flavor experiment I added some Italian dressing then a bit of Worcestershire sauce for a lil' kick.[​IMG]

    Seasoned, marinated and ready for 24 in the fridge........

    Will keep ya'll updated on how it turns out [​IMG]
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    Looks interesting and tasty!! I had done similar things to what you've done also. I have spent a lot of money on cures, marinades, rubs, etc for jerky. Then i found out about a marinade called Jerky Gold Marinade. I only use that now. Its great right outta the bottle but i doctor it up depending on my mood! Happy jerky making!
  3. My base mix is High Mountain Jerky Cure and Seasoning. Need to develop my own formula but Im so happy with this I havent stretched my comfort zone yet. Soon.....
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    Finished product pics ?[​IMG]
  5. Sorry to make ya'll wait so long.........

    The money shot.....

    Thanks for the toothpick trick Cougar, works great

    2 1/2 hours later. Thanks to cooler external temps I was able to get my smoker down to 185*.  Hickory chips for da smoke.

    Anybody want some?   This batch came out extra tender and soft. Good flavor.  I still like the teriyaki better but this was still real good.  I like what the Italian did for it. Gonna do that more often.  Happy Smokin' everyone !
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    SA, looks great ! makes me want to get a batch going !
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  7. What section of the deer did you use for these?
  8. Not positive on which cut this batch was. Don't remember exactly which pkg I opened. Thinking it was the top round...  not the eye, that went earlier.
  9. Cool, thanks.  Looks delicious!

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