Deer hind quarter this weekend

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokeburns, Oct 17, 2014.

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    Plan on smoking a 6lb hind quarter this weekend, it's a small doe so I know this will be pretty tender. I'm curious about what route to take. I normally soak my venison in buttermilk cause it bleeds it out and also is a natural tenderizer. I have read all post on this subject and have read a lot on curing with Pops recipe. Which sounds awesome by the way. But it's Friday and I'm just now taking out of the freezer. So here's the plan and tell me if this is a crazy idea or not. I plan on using the slaughter house brine. I know it's intended for poultry but that spatchcocked chicken I did the other weekend tasted so much like a juicy Ham! So I'm wondering if I should be the Ginny pig and actually brine this deer hind quarter in this brine recipe and see what happens.and also do a bacon weave over it. Has any one tried this yet?
  2. Anxious to see some input on this, I have some venison to use up and am leaving for a hunt in just a few days. Come on someone![​IMG]

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