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  1. I like to add beef suet to my deer burger but I do have problems grinding the suet . It tends to cake up in the grinder and will actually stop the grinder from grinding . You have to take the plate and knife out every so often and clean things out .

     Anyone have any tips for grinding suet ? 

    BTW ......... I have tried many different fat sources for my deer burger and suet is the best ... hands down . It is loaded with flavor and has a low melting point so the fat cooks out well.  Most people dont even realize they are eating deer burger ,they think it is beef .

     if you are interested ....... 10 lbs deer meat , 1 1/2 -2 lbs beef suet , 1 lb bacon  ............ I grind thru a course plate twice 
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  3. Thanks ......... I actually did freeze the suet today before I ran it thru and it did help !!! .

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