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  1. I get all my smoking advice from you guys and I feel I have pretty much mastered smoking my wings but I need some advice. Do any of you own a SMALL to MEDIUM sized deep fryer? I wanna start doing some deep fried wings. Any sugestions on a good one to buy? What kinda oil to use etc.
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  2. I use peanut oil and my deep dutch oven on the stove unless it's hot then on my propane burner outside. Sorry can't help you with a deep fryer.
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    We have a small one that you can buy pretty much anywhere for using in the house when we need a handful of something fried.  Otherwise, I'm with SmokinHusker and use my bigger pan outside on my propane burner.  Peanut oil is my favorite, but it's a little too expensive for my everyday frying.  I just use vegetable oil.  We fry probably once to twice a week.  This week we have done fried chicken and fried beef cubed steak.
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    I bought a butterball turkey fryer
    Love it u wont be disappointed
    I've had fry baby's , fry daddy's
    Burnt them up in no time
    I've had the butterball fryer
    For over two years
    Easy to clean
    Can't beat it for the price
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    I just have a small fry daddy (8-10 wings per batch, not whole wings).... how i prep my "butter garlic" wings... mix up a couple of cups of flour with about a half cup of corn starch.... mix in some garlic powder, pepper, and red pepper... coat wings well... put wax paper on cookie sheet and lay the wings out on it.. (I do about 30 each time)... when first layer gets full lay another sheet of wax paper on top and make a second layer.... then I put these in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to let the flour mix turn into a batter... fry in deep fryer for exactly 15 minutes (extra crunchy) per batch... while wings are cooking I will use my hand chopper and chop up 5-6 cloves of "fresh" garlic... put in small sauce pan with about a cup ( i like lots of butter) of butter... heat on very low heat so that it just about simmers when all wings are about done... to keep batches of wings hot while cooking the rest... heat oven to about 200` and spread wings out (when piled up in a pile they seem to steam some and lose their crunch) on papertowels on the cookie sheet and put in warm oven....

    this is just a short summary.. tweak it to your liking....

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