Deep fry fat cap??

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  1. Hay anyone tried deep frying the fat cap after your done cooking?  I tried laying the cap under the broiler one time in attempt to make some "BBQ" chicharones but all the sugar in my rub just burned.  Recently though i have been experimenting with a Kaluah style pork by just rubbing it down with Hawaiian sea salt, pepper and stuffing the inside with some garlic...pretty damn amazing.  So i was thinking that since there is just salt and pepper on the cap, it might fry up better.  But in an attempt to avoid a potential disaster i figured i would ask around first lol
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    Don't you need skin too?

    I have rendered the fat cap and the little bits left make great crispy bits for Salads and stuff. The lard is great for cooking

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  4. so maybe if i went more with the picnic shoulder cut that has that thick layer of skin around it i might be able to pull that off?  I would def trim it up though so it wasn't fully covered, otherwise i would lose all that smoke contact around the meat.

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