Deep fried okra - whole

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  1. I love okra - Forrest Gump style - which is fried, stewed, boiled, in gumbo, with tomatoes, etc.  Bad joke but you get my drift.  I love okra.  The sliminess does not bother me, but my wife hates it any way except for fried, almost.  I have about 20 plants lined up next to my fence that each produce a pod every third day, so we collect about 20 pods that are two - three inches long every three days.  Enough for a side item to dinner.  If you live in the south and like okra, you are crazy not to grow it.  It is the easiest thing I have ever grown - plant the seeds, it loves hot weather, then harvest pods.

    I had stewed a few down with tomatoes and eaten it over rice.  I had cooked some down in bacon grease in an iron skillet until the slimy was gone - she will eat it that way.

    Well, tonight I decided to deep fry them - whole.  My wife uses Drake's batter to fry our squash, eggplant and such.  Tonight, I stuck a toothpick in the stem end of the okra pod to use as a handle, dipped them in Drake's, then rolled them in fine ground J.T. Pollard cornmeal.  Threw them in the deep fryer and they turned out wonderful!  Really good!

    We eat fried okra on a regular basis, the difference was cooking the whole pod was just as delicious and a heck of a lot easier.

    Give it a try.

  2. Looks awesome! I love okra as well but I've always grilled mine whole. It's great deep fried but we generally don't fry any food at our house.

    Now I want some!!

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